Differential Equation

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Given g(x) = -2x2 + x -1, find the absolute maximum value over the interval -2, 4.
The volume V of a cylinder equals k cubic inches, where k is a constant. Find the proportions of the cylinder(h/r) that minimize the total surface area S. V = πr^2h = k, S = 2πr^2 + 2πrh
Find the altitude to the base of an isosceles triangle with a side length of 4, such that the area of the triangle is maximal.
The total profit in dollars for the sale of n microwave ovens is given by p=-2n^2+140n-174. What value of n will provide the maximum profit.
Solve the problem. The annual revenue and cost functions for a manufacturer of grandfather clocks are approximately R(x) = 520x - 0.03x^2 and C(x) = 120x + 100,000, where x denotes the number of cl
A Farmer wants to construct a fence. The area that he is going to enclose is rectangular, but one of the sides is a river (assumed to be straight). If he has 120 m of fence, what is the maximum sur
Find the absolute maximum and minimum values of each function over the indicated interval, and indicate the x-value at which they occur. f(x) = x^4 - 8x^2 + 5 -3, 3
Find the absolute extrema if they exist, as well as all values of x where they occur, for the function f(x) = 3x^4 - 294x^2 - 3 on the domain \left [ -8, 8 \right ].
Find the largest possible area for a rectangle with base on the x-axis and upper vertices on the curve y = 4 - x^2.
Find the interval over which the following function decreasing: f(x) = x^3 - 12x^2 + 36x + 1.

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