Dimensional Analysis

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A yo-yo that is 2.25 inches in diameter spins at a rate of 4,500 revolutions per minute. How fast is the edge of the yo-yo spinning in miles per hour?
How many milliliters are in one tablespoon?
Canada and the United Kingdom devices that measure blood glucose levels provide a reading in millimoles per liter.
How can we convert 0.06981 rad/s to rpm?
Which is not a correct SI unit? Why? a) ms-1 b) kg c) g d) kmh-2
When small particles of diameter, d, are transported by a moving fluid having a velocity, v. they settle to the ground at some distance, l as shown in the attached figure. The variation in the dist
Velocity V of a stretched string depends on tension T and mass per unit length M of the string. Create an equation for velocity V using dimensional analysis?
A very good 197 lb. weight lifter lifted 192 kg in a move called clean and jerk. What was the mass of the weight lifted in pounds?
A candy shop sells a pound of chocolate for $5.80. What is the price of 4.50 kg of chocolate at the shop?
How many hours are in x weeks? a. x/168 b. 24x/7 c. 7x/24 d. 168x

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