English Language Arts

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English Language Arts Quizzes

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Across the Wide Dark Sea
Vocabulary Words in Beowulf
Teaching English Vocabulary
Reading Comprehension in ELD & ELA
Strategies for Finding Meaning in Visual Media
Programming Logic & Syntax
Using Visualization While Reading
Troublesome Adjectives
Finding Info in Texts: Quiz & Worksheet for Kids
How to Use Visuals when Speaking: Quiz & Worksheet for Kids
How to Conduct Research Projects & Write Reports: Quiz & Worksheet for Kids
Ethics in Sociological Research
Reading Strategies for Varied Text Types
Novels: Quiz & Worksheet for Kids
Speech Skills: Quiz & Worksheet for Kids
Troublesome Adverbs
Forms of Group Membership
Fixing Mixed Structure Sentences
Purpose and Types of Persuasive Speaking
Exact Nouns
Safety & Regulatory Issues with Scientific Research
How Visuals Impact Communication
When to Use Here or Hear
Homophones: Quiz & Worksheet for Kids
The Cost-Benefit of Altruism and Kin Selection
Plural Noun Spelling Rules in English
Using Syntax to Find Word Meaning
Higher Level Reading Questions
Reading Comprehension Methods
Identifying Prepositional Phrases
Predicate Adjectives
Using Syntactic & Semantic Context Clues
How to Ask Reading Questions: Quiz & Worksheet for Kids
How to Read with Purpose & Understanding: Quiz & Worksheet for Kids
Idioms: Quiz & Worksheet for Kids
How to Analyze Spanish Texts
How to Order Adjectives: Quiz & Worksheet for Kids
Characteristics of Ethical Research
Adverbs as Intensifiers
Vocabulary & Reading Comprehension
Genres in Children's Literature
Impact of Social & Cognitive Development on Interpersonal Relationships
Elements of Your Message's Visual Design
Types of Qualities in Group Members
Visual Communication
Conflict in Visual Media
Interpersonal Skills During Organizational Change
Supporting Effective Reading
Understanding Research Methodology in Human Development
Common Purposes of Psychological Research
Toulmin Model in Public Speaking Examples
Rehearsing Your Speech
Teaching Reading Comprehension
Reading Comprehension Strategies
Literal, Inferential & Evaluative Meaning
Using Informational Texts to Aid Comprehension
Early Reading Interventions
Listening & Reading Comprehension
Reading Comprehension Assessments
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