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Evolutionary Biology Questions and Answers

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Fill in the blank: The vermiform appendix is attached to the.
What can we do to help the Spotted Owl from being extinct?
What are the two major pieces of evidence for common descent discovered by Darwin?
Describe the steps necessary for geographic isolation to lead to speciation.
List evidence that supports the endosymbiotic theory.
Which evolved first: mitochondria or chloroplasts?
What is a paralog?
How is spontaneous generation different from abiogenesis?
Which best describes the most prominent secretory cell type in the mucosal epithelium, which is located somewhere in the intestine? a. Goblet cell b. Paneth cell c. Parietal cell d. Zymogenic ce...
Explain the Miller-Urey experiment. What are the implications of this experiment?
In your own words, explain what is meant by post-zygotic mechanisms of reproductive isolation, and name one kind of post-zygotic isolation that is operating.
Is the human race still evolving?
Is it wise for doctors to over-prescribe antibiotics? Do you think we have the possibility of creating a "superbug" that we cannot treat?
Why has antibiotic resistance evolved in bacteria?
A superhighway is put down in a field separating a population of snails. Over time, they acquire mutations and become two different species. This is an example of ________ speciation. A. behaviora...
Which of the following must take place for speciation to occur? Select one: \\ a. hybridization \\ b. geographic isolation\\ c. polyploidy \\ d. reproductive isolation
What type of reproductive isolating mechanism occurs when female fireflies only mate with males who emit light in a particular pattern? a) Habitat isolation b) Temporal isolation c) Mechanical isol...
Microevolution is to population as macroevolution is to . a) individuals b) communities c) biodiversity d) species
Isolating mechanisms that happen during or before fertilization are termed A. hybrid sterility B. prezygotic C. postzygotic D. symatric
Finding Brad Pitt attractive is an example of sexual selection and non-random mating. True or False
Considering the function a composition of various types of shells, explain why turtles, clams and crabs all have shells but are in different phyla?
A large island has many different types of geography, including a large mountain area in the center. It is broken into a chain of many small islands when the ocean level rises. After the small isla...
Over time, what generally happens to the genome of organisms that have become endosymbionts? a) It becomes reduced. b) It becomes expanded because the endosymbiont acquires new functions in the new...
In a brief explanation, explain the primary and secondary endosymbiosis.
Which type of reproductive isolation prevent the formation of a zygote? \\ I. Mechanical isolation \\ II. Hybrid infertility \\ III. Temporal isolation \\ IV. Hybrid viability \\ V. Gametic isolat...
Which of the following would result in a decrease in plant growth? A. Increase in amount of other plant species, increase in amount of water. B. Decrease in amount of water, decrease in amount of...
Along the western coast of the United States, two species of sea urchins _ the red sea urchin and purple sea urchin _ share their geographic range. Despite their overlapping geographic range, they...
A beetle is well adapted to its particular environment. If that beetle gets transported to another environment it is also certain to be well adapted. a) True b) False
Tree frogs lack some of the proofreading mechanisms that most animals have during DNA replication. As a result, their entire set of chromosomes can get duplicated in some individuals. When this hap...
Given that the first life on earth was prokaryotic, what changes had to take place in the structure of prokaryotic cell to allow the evolution of eukaryotic cells?
1.) Which of the following are homologous structures? A. The forelimb of a dog and the hindlimb of a cat B. The mouth of a mosquito and the beak of a hummingbird C. Wings of a butterfly and wing...
State the type of respiration that is most efficient and give a reason for your answer. List the symptoms of Diabetes Mellitus State aspects that can be used to estimate growth in seedlings. Name...
What single factor is most likely responsible for the current extinction event, and how does it differ from the causes of the five previous mass extinctions?
What caused the disappearance of the Asian cheetah in India?
How did the difference between eye and hair colors between humans originate? Was this a random genetic mutation? Would a different hair/eye color randomly originate in a family where all the grandp...
In the following decision situation, explain the trade-offs involved. You are a consultant for the City of Toronto. The city council asks you to analyze the implications of a new high-rise office b...
In the following decision situation, explain the trade-offs involved. You are thinking about opening a computer-services business in your basement.
In the following decision situation, explain the trade-offs involved. You need to decide whether to buy a used or a new car.
Let's talk about two tradeoffs we face every day: how we spend our time and money. We can only do two things with income: spend it or save it. Time is the ultimate resource. We can choose to spend...
Why do scientists believe that mitochondria were acquired before chloroplasts?
The antibacterial activity of penicillin is related to the inhibition of a key bacterial enzyme. Explain this mechanism of enzyme inhibition.
To what part of the body does the word cephal refer? a) Kidney. b) Head. c) Intestine. d) Liver.
Which of the following gives the most support to the endosymbiotic theory for the origin of eukaryotic cells? A) the fad that prokaryotes don't have cell membranes but mitochondria and chloroplast...
What is a karyotype? How is it used in gender testing?
An example of a double coincidence of wants is: a. a car mechanic who wants a TV finding an owner of an electronics store who wants a car repaired. b. a Car dealer who wants a TV finding an elect...
Would a karyotype be useful for determining if a child has an autosomal recessive disorder like cystic fibrosis? Briefly explain your answer.
The ability of fireflies and angler fish to produce light is an example of convergent evolution. What can be concluded about these two animals based on this information? O They share a recent com...
What is the implication that all life forms have the same genetic code?
According to the theory- of endosymbiosis, the origin of chloroplasts probably involved: a. the formation of cell walls around the photosynthetic pigments. b. the formation of colonies of cyanobac...
Interacting systems of molecules enclosed in compartments called ______ evolved 3.8 billion years ago in living organisms. a. mitochondria. b. brains. c. circulatory- systems. d. cells. e. organs.
Name two of the main gases found in the primitive atmosphere and where did they come from?
Does time evolution always commute with Hamiltonian?
Describe the endosymbiotic theory of the origin of mitochondria and eukaryotic cells.
Explain why it is advantageous to have thick skin on the palms and soles.
Copies of original maternal or paternal chromosomes homologous are called: a. anomalies b. alleles c. sister chromatids d. dendrites e. euchromatin.
What is an apomorphy?
Why didn't whales and dolphins evolve gills?
Does gradient descent always converge?
Evolution is the central concept that explains biology, because _________ of the features of organisms are the result of evolutionary change. (a) all (b) some (c) most (d) none.
Research an endangered species in your local region. What is causing the organism to be listed as endangered? Ensure you list the organism (and if you are able, include a photo or link to view it).
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