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Compare and contrast Epigenetic, Mendelian genetic, and Lamarckian theories of inheritance.
In cucumbers, dull fruit (D) is dominant over glossy fruit (d), orange fruit (R) is dominant over cream fruit (r), and bitter cotyledons (B) are dominant over non-bitter cotyledons (b). The three c
In humans, the brown eye allele is dominant to the blue eye allele of one of the eye color genes. A blue-eyed parent and a heterozygous brown-eyed parent would like to have children together. What
A mosaic is an organism with: a. multiple genotypes within one organism b. multiple alleles within one genotype c. more than one color of fur d. transgenes added to the zygote before development e.
Differentiate between dominant and recessive alleles, and describe how they are expressed in homozygous, heterozygous, and recessive states.
If a parent is homozygous recessive for a particular trait, and the mother is heterozygous, what are the odds of having a child that displays the dominant trait?
A heterozygous brown-eyed human female who is a carrier of Colorblindness marries a blue-eyed male who is not color-blind. Colorblindness is a sex-linked trait. Assume that eye color is an autosoma
What is the importance of the PAM sequence for viral defense in the CRISPR/Cas system?
a. How can you make a cross in diploids to determine if two genes were allelic or non-allelic? b. What results would you anticipate?
What is the key feature of the CRISPR enzyme that allows it to change a specific DNA sequence?

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