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Geology Questions and Answers

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What are the two most important applications of geology in our society?
Other than an elevation field map, name three other types of field maps.
What is the main basis of rock classification systems?
Compute the sedimentation volume of a 5% w/v suspension of magnesium carbonate in water if the initial volume is 100 mL and the final volume of the sediment is 30 ml. If the degree of flocculation...
Write a summary of the geology that describes the formation of the Pilbara iron ore deposits (Australia). Your summary should include a description of when the deposits formed, the formation of ban...
Explain these events: Folding, Faulting, Deposition, Erosion, Intrusion, Eruption, Metamorphism. All in light to understand the Earth History.
The geologic record of the history of Earth is divided into a variety of time periods. Why are time periods so uneven in duration?
Describe the principal of uniformitarianism, in basic terms.
Is math used in seismology?
What types of geography are included in physical geography?
What is a water table contour map?
What is field mapping in geology?
Explain an unconformity. How do they form?
Which of the following was a supercontinent that existed from the end of the Permian to the Jurassic, assembled from large continents? a) Euramerica b) Laurasia c) Pangea d) Gondwana
What is the difference between Dikes and Sills?
What is coastal geomorphology?
Why is geology important in geotechnical engineering?
Why are geological surveys performed?
Where are the hotspots of marine geology today?
What geologic hazards threaten Florida?
What is transgression in geology?
What is subsidence in geology?
What is mining and geological engineering?
What is geophysics in geology?
What is isomorphism in geology?
What is geological heritage?
What are geological phenomena?
What is geological setting?
What is field geology?
What is a geologic process?
What is correlation in geology?
What is an outcrop in geology?
What is a suture in geology?
What is a geological area?
What is a geological region?
What is a dike in geology?
What is a geologic formation?
What is a constructive force in geology?
What does geologically active mean?
What does "geologic in nature" mean?
What are joints in geology?
What are some examples of geological processes?
What are the geological features of Earth?
What are fractures in geology?
What are geological forces?
How does geology impact climate?
How does geology influence where and how people live?
How is chemistry used in geology?
How does geology affect water availability?
What are some ways that geology controls ecology?
What is the characteristic cleavage of mica? Define the term "rock". What is the study of rocks called? Name the three basic types of rocks, and briefly state the process by which each type is form...
Why is it important to study geology?
Why is the geologic column useful to earth scientists?
What is the principle of inclusion in geology?
What is the first era in geologic time?
What is geology?
What is environmental geology, and how does it affect us?
What counts as geological evidence?
What is a geologic structure?
What geologic structures are associated with earthquakes?
What geologic processes cause gold ore to form?
What are geological landforms?
What are the geological sciences?
What are Earth's major geological processes?
What are geologic events?
Is geology a physical science?
Is geology a science?
What are geological features?
How does gold form geologically?
How does rock type contribute to geological research?
How does geology affect the formation of coastal landforms?
Which comes first in geology: stress or strain?
What is stress and strain in geology?
How did scientists learn what lies deep inside the earth? How do scientists know what's in the different layers?
What are tectonic features?
How do scientists explore volcanoes?
What does a petrologist study?
All of the following are involved in the geological process EXCEPT: 1- gravity 2-temperature changes 3- thawing and freezing 4- evaporation of lakes
What is a geologic column?
What is a canyon?
What is a gulf?
Summarize how isostatic adjustments affect isostasy.
What is the study of Earth called?
Explain how scientists date seafloor rocks.
What is the importance of chemistry in geology?
Are vein minerals ever in a solution?
What topics are included in the study of physical geology?
How might a geologist study the history of Earth?
The third layer from Earth's surface is the.
Where is the most basalt rock in the United States?
The convection cycles of the mantle are the main cause of the movement of what part of the Earth? A. atmosphere B. core C. crust D. oceans
How do people know what's in the Earth's core? Have people dug down?
How do we know about Earth's interior?
How is the distribution of the elements in the Earth's crust?
How can earth's layers be defined? (two answers) by their amounts of land area by their physical properties(this) by their asthenospheres by their chemical compositions(this) by their proximities t...
List the layers of the Earth from coolest to warmest with temperatures.
What layer of earth is made of molten iron and nickel?
What layer is below the lithosphere?
Why are the Earth's layers differents?
Which layer of Earth does not contain silicates?
What is the thickest interior layer of Earth? The thinnest?
Where is solid material found in the layers of Earth's structure?
What is the Earth's only liquid layer?
How do we know that the outer core of Earth is liquid?
What is the average density of the Earth's inner core?
Bergmann's rule states that individuals of a given species; for example; a bear will be larger in cold climates than in warmer climates. How is an explanation of this rule similar to an explanation...
How is vesicular basalt formed?
Is basalt permeable or impermeable?
Does basalt contain fossils?
What is the luster of basalt?
Which layer of the Earth are the lithosphere and asthenosphere found?
How do we know what is inside the Earth?
What is basalt rock?
What layer of the earth is liquid?
How is basalt formed?
Is basalt a metamorphic rock?
Is basalt a sedimentary rock?
Is basalt a mineral?
Is basalt intrusive or extrusive?
Is basalt an igneous rock?
Is basalt mafic or felsic?
Is basaltic magma explosive?
What color is basalt?
What does the word basalt mean?
What is a metamorphic rock formed from basalt?
What is basalt fiber?
What is basalt used for?
What is basalt made of?
What is the difference between basalt and andesite?
What is the dominant feldspar in basalt?
What type of igneous rock is basalt?
What type of magma formed the Hawaiian Islands?
What type of rock is basalt?
Where does basaltic magma form?
Where is basalt found?
What is the inner core made out of?
What mechanical layer sits on top of the asthenosphere?
Which planet is smaller than Earth's core?
What is the temperature of Earth's outer core?
What is the temperature of the inner core of the Earth?
What is the Earth made of?
What type of igneous rock makes up the ocean floor?
What are basalts?
What is the relationship between the lithosphere and the asthenosphere?
What is the origin of vesicles in a basalt?
The crust, mantle, and core are all part of the
This layer of Earth's crust is made of granite?
How is basalt mined?
Describe the chemical and physical properties of Earth's outer core.
What is the liquid part of the Earth's interior called?
What are the compositional layers of the Earth?
Which part of Earth is completely plasticized?
Surrounding the inner core of the Earth is
Which layer of the Earth is the coolest in temperature?
What is the innermost layer of the earth?
What is the thinnest layer of earth?
What caused Earth to develop layers as it cooled?
What are the three main layers of Earth?
What is the density of basalt?
What is the major cause of the Earth's magnetic field?
What type of rock forms from an existing rock that is changed by heat, pressure, or through chemical reactions?
What type of rock forms from the cooling of molten rock at or below the surface?
Name the condition in which the earth's surface is worn away by water and wind.
What is the process in which sediment is laid down in new locations?
Why do volcanoes erupt?
What are measures that can be taken to control soil erosion?
The main component of gypsum is: a. K. b. Ba. c. Mg. d. Ca.
True or False: Oxygen is the most common gas in atmospheric air.
While hiking near the mouth of a river, Malcolm finds a fine grained rock that breaks into flat pieces. What type of rock is Malcom's rock?
Is there such a thing as solid ground? Justify your answer.
What is an essential trace mineral? Is selenium deficiency rare or common?
What are the essential trace minerals?
Which of the following are the only extant animals that descended directly from dinosaurs? A) birds B) lizards C) crocodiles D) snakes
What protects Earth from meteorite impacts?
What is an impact event?
Where is the biggest impact crater on Earth?
Is the Canterelle oil field an impact crater field?
Did the Chicxulub impact kill dinosaurs?
Did man exist during the same time the Chicxulub crater was created?
What are the chances of an asteroid impact?
How did opossums survive the asteroid impact?
Did the Yucatan asteroid impact affect the Earth's mantle?
How do volcanoes destroy ecosystems? How do they rejuvenate ecosystems?
State the names of two different metamorphic rocks that are most likely found in the zone of contact metamorphism at locations X and Y.
What is the wavelength of the photon emitted by an electron confined in a box of length L=10^{-10} \; m in going from the n=4 to ground levels?
What created the current oxygen-rich atmosphere?
Give an example of a landform created by weathering and explain how it is formed.
What is the most abundant gas found in the Earth's atmosphere?
How is a vesicular texture created?
What is the main difference between lava and magma?
You are given 175 grams of a substance with a half-life of 0.25 years. How much time has passed if you now 21.88 grams? a) 0.75 years. b) 3 years. c) 3.75 years. d) 0.25 years.
Two wave pulses travel on a string. The picture shows the displacement of the string y as a function of x at t = 0. The velocities of the wave pulses are shown. At t = 2 s, what is the displacement...
List five ways in which your lifestyle directly or indirectly contributes to soil erosion.
Which of these would cause high rates of soil erosion? a) Heavy plant cover b) Bare soil c) High soil clay content d) Shallow vegetated slope
If the entropy of a system is zero, what must the temperature be?
True or False: The Superposition Principle states that net electric field produced at any point by a system of charges is equal to the vector sum of all individual fields produced by each charge at...
What is the third most common gas found in the air we breathe? A) Argon B) Neon C) Carbon dioxide D) Hydrogen
Because Earth's rotation is gradually slowing, the length of each day increases: The day at the end of 1.0 century is 1.0 ms longer than the day at the start of the century. In 76 centuries, what i...
What type of stress is placed on folds?
What is the reaction that can cause rocks to dissolve? What gas is evolved in the process? Give the chemical equation for this reaction.
Explain the hydration melting in subduction zones.
How are physical geologists different from historical geologists?
You have found some very old stone tools in an excavation in Olduvai Gorge, Africa. These stone tools are in association with some extinct plant fossils and a cooking hearth, and are located in bet...
What is sialolithiasis? Describe its causes and treatment.
Does pollution inhibit dark-colored lichens?
Notice the numbers in the different shapes that represent steps in the rock cycle. Match the rock type or process to its respective number. If a shape/step has more than one number, match the terms...
Match the items: 1. A rock you expect to be a product of a composite (strata) volcanic 2. A rock you expect to be a product of cinder cone volcano 3. A rock you expect to be a product of lava flow...
What role does plate tectonics play in global-scale climate change?
Take a look at the geologic cross-section. Notice that the various sedimentary layers have been labeled
Find the absolute minimum and absolute maximum values of f on the given interval. f(t) = \sqrt [3]{t} (20 - t), [0, 20] absolute minimum absolute maximum
What are mineral salts? Where can mineral salts be found in living organisms?
What is the coldest temperature possible? a. negative zero b. absolute zero c. freezing zero d. relative zero e. double negative zero
Which of the following are true about the absolute zero? Choose all that apply. A. The particles that make up the object are still moving. B. It's the temperature at which all liquids freeze. C. Th...
What was the biggest tsunami in the world history?
What is the geological feature formed at the conversion boundary?
Which of the following is the best example of physical weathering? a. the cracking of rock caused by the freezing and thawing of water. b. the transportation of sediment in a stream. c. the wearing...
Plate tectonic forces are responsible for which of the following? a. adding rock material to the earth's surface. b. removing rock material from the earth's surface. c. both adding and removing roc...
Contact metamorphism occurs over a localized area when magma into the crust. a. True b. False
The rock cycle has a definitive beginning and end. a. True b. False
All weathering processes are external and driven by energy from the sun. a. True b. False
Match the term with its definition. 1. the movement of weathered rock particles by air, water, or ice. 2. the process of converting sediments to solid rock, generally by cementing or compacting the...
Air contains mostly nitrogen (78%) and oxygen (21%). It also contains other gases including carbon dioxide and helium and various pollutants (both gases and solids). Give a brief explanation about...
What is the composition of the earth's atmosphere and how life affected the atmosphere during the past several billion years?
The coldest temperature possible is: a. negative zero b. absolute zero c. freezing zero d. relative zero e. double negative zero
How many years is a million days?
Who discovered 'Oumuamua?
What is 'Oumuamua composed of?
Which of the following is an era in the geologic timescale? 1) Mesozoic 2) Jurassic 3) Permian 4) Tertiary 5) Cambrian
Which of the following is an era in the geologic timescale? a) Mesozoic b) Jurassic c) Permian d) Tertiary e) Cambrian
The Tsunami Warning Centers issue forecasts of wave amplitude, which is A) A measure of the force of the tsunami. B) One-half the height measured from the crest of the wave to the trough. C) The he...
If the water at the coast is behaving abnormally or a strong earthquake has occurred locally, the first thing an emergency manager should do is A) Evacuate the beaches. B) Be on alert for an offici...
In addition to earthquakes, tsunamis can be caused by A) Climate change B) Strong winds C) High tides D) Submarine landslides
If a community has tsunami warning sirens, other communication methods will not be necessary. A) True B) False
Earthquakes off the Alaskan coast cannot trigger teletsunamis (distant-source tsunamis) because of the shape of the Gulf of Alaska. A) True B) False
The cancellation of a Tsunami Warning means A) The earthquake probably occurred on land rather than under the ocean. B) Widespread inundation is no longer expected, but the emergency manager should...
What is a far-field tsunami? A) A tsunami generated by a strong earthquake in one part of an ocean basin that travels to distant locations. B) A tsunami triggered by a strong earthquake far inland...
Earthquakes less than 7.0 magnitude cannot generate tsunamis. A) True B) False
Once the first tsunami wave comes ashore, you can expect subsequent waves to be the same size or smaller. A) True B) False
Strong earthquakes cause most tsunamis because they: A) Shake the water more violently, causing larger waves. B) Displace more seafloor, which moves more water.
The one thing not usually covered in a Tsunami Response Plan is A) Procedures for documenting disaster costs. B) Future mitigation plans, such as building code changes. C) How to call in staff in a...
On the U.S. West Coast, the largest tsunami threat is likely to be triggered by (Choose the best answer) A) An earthquake in the San Andreas Fault. B) A large earthquake off the coast of Japan. C)...
Tsunami models run at the Tsunami Warning Centers help predict wave amplitudes and when the waves might arrive at different locations. A) True B) False
Tsunami waves often flow inland for several minutes, resulting in flooding that continues longer than that caused by storm surge. A) True B) False
Which event would not be a sign that a tsunami was about to occur A) A rainstorm lasted for an unusually long time. B) Water levels rose suddenly. C) Large areas of the seabed were exposed. D) The...
If a teletsunami is coming in about 4 hours, would an emergency manager recommend that boat owners leave the harbour? A) No, boats are safer in the harbour than out in the open ocean. B) Yes, as lo...
Early in a potential tsunami event, the Tsunami Warning Centers use pre-computed model runs to forecast tsunami wave heights based on hypothetical earthquakes. A) True B) False
If a strong earthquake occurs, it is unnecessary to leave the beach until a tsunami is seen coming because most people can outrun the waves. A) True B) False
Tsunamis are most often caused by A) Undersea volcanoes B) Strong earthquakes that occur under the ocean C) Land-based earthquakes land that is magnitude 7 or higher D) Glaciers calving
One of the main differences between a near-field tsunami and a far-field one is: A) The Tsunami Warning Centers will probably not have time to issue warnings for the first wave(s) of a near-field...
The energy of tsunami waves is distributed throughout the water column, while that of wind waves is only in the top few hundred feet (hundred meters) of the ocean. A) True B) False
Tsunami forecasts may not be 100% accurate due mainly to a lack of data, especially soon after an event. This means an emergency manager should: A) Expect waves that are at least the forecast heigh...
A Tsunami Response Plan should include training and education activities, as well as disaster management tactics. A) True B) False
In the event of a near-field tsunami, it is generally recommended that the public evacuates immediately using their cars or mass transportation. A) True B) False
Which Tsunami Warning Center issues tsunami alerts for the Gulf or Atlantic Coasts or in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands? A) Joint Atlantic/Caribbean Tsunami Warning Center. B) Pacific Tsunami W...
If the Tsunami Warning Center issues a Tsunami Advisory, should the emergency manager close beaches and evacuate harbours? A) Yes, because currents and waves can be dangerous. B) No, because an Adv...
The TsunamiReady Program A) Recognizes communities that follow certain guidelines to improve tsunami safety and awareness. B) Is the name given to the overall warning system managed by the Tsunami...
An Information Statement issued by the Tsunami Warning Centers A) Alerts people that an earthquake has occurred but sea level data has not yet confirmed whether a tsunami has happened. B) Indicates...
A Tsunami Warning means A) Strong currents are possible but significant inundation is not expected B) A tsunami has occurred but will not arrive for several hours C) Significant inundation is expec...
A tsunami wave that is 2 feet (0.6 meters) is considered minor, so beaches, oceans, and harbours will be safe for the public. A) True B) False
What are the broadest divisions on the geologic timescale? a) Centuries b) Epochs c) Millennia d) Eras e) Periods
When are dinosaurs thought to have gone extinct? a) At the end of the Jurassic b) At the end of the Cretaceous c) At the end of the Carboniferous d) At the end of the Tertiary e) At the end of the...
What is the shortest geologic time frame? a) Strata b) Epochs c) Strata d) Eras e) Periods
Which answer choice is mismatched between geologic period and event? a) Carboniferous--coal-forming forests b) Jurassic--flowering plants appear c) Ordovician--nonvascular plants appear on land d)...
Which of the following is matched incorrectly? a. Mesozoic era-modern humans appear b. Precambrian era-oldest known fossils c. Paleozoic era-seed plants appear d. Cenozoic era-primates appear e. Ce...
The name of a time period when dinosaurs roamed the Earth (a) Silurian (b) Cambrian (c) Jurassic (d) Quaternary
The element of highest concentration in air is oxygen. True False
A small ball floats in the center of a circular pool that has a radius of 5.00 m. Three wave generators are placed at the edge of the pool, separated by 120^{\circ}. The first wave generator operat...
What is significant about zero Kelvin? a. It is the temperature at which water freezes. b. It is the temperature where gas molecules have maximum kinetic energy. c. It is the temperature where gas...
Which rock type do you think is the most difficult to identify: igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic? Why?
Why are birds sometimes called modern dinosaurs?
Explain the difference between a phyllosilicate sheet and a layer.
A zone of subduction is associated with the occurrence of what?
The breaking up of rock by freezing and thawing is the result of what process?
Does uncultivated farmland cause soil erosion (if it is uncultivated for a long time)? Explain.
When in warm and humid climates, what type of weathering is most prevalent?
The nature of a plate movement on the earth is: a. fixed in direction, fixed in speed b. fixed in direction, varied in speed c. varied in direction, fixed in speed d. varied in direction, varied in...
Use parametric equations and Simpson's Rule with n = 8 to estimate the circumference of the ellipse 25x^2 + 9y^2 = 225 .
What is the absolute temperature corresponding to 23.8 degrees Celsius?
A homeowner is building a deck on the side of a house. She uses galvanized nails for most of the deck, but runs out and completes the deck using untreated iron nails. After a few months, the ungal...
In the ocean, tsunami waves caused by underwater earthquakes have huge wavelengths.
a) How are volcanoes formed? b) Were tectonic movements the cause behind the formation of different continents from Pangea?
What occurs when a wave is not reflected or transmitted by a medium?
Four point charges are placed on the corners of a square. The top left corner has charge -1q, the top right corner has charge +2q, the bottom left corner has charge -2q and the bottom right corner...
1. At the beginning the earth was _____ molten whereas the moon was _____ molten. This was because the earth is _____ than the moon. 2. Measurements on _____ rocks we have been able to find out th...
The three sizes of soil are sand, silt and: a. clay b. loam c. humus d. None of the above
Match the layers of the atmosphere with the description that best matches it: A. Troposphere B. Mesosphere C. Mesopause D. Stratosphere E. Stratospause 1. Begins between 50-60 km and decreases in t...
Would an object weigh more or less if there were no atmosphere on earth?
India was an island million years ago. a) 65 b) 1 c) 245 d) 135 e) 500
Draw an example of a cyclic silicate with Sin
You are a tourist in an active volcanic region. You are out on a hike through the woods on a calm sunny day and you come across a large depression in the ground that has a dead deer and a dead bear...
Why would a volcano erupt explosively? a) Low viscosity magma and high water content. b) High viscosity magma and high water content. c) Low viscosity magma and low water content. d) High viscosity...
Why is there a chain of active volcanoes along the coast of N. California, Oregon and Washington? a) continental collision b) divergent zone c) hotspot d) subduction zone
Which volcanoes tend to have effusive eruptions? a) fissures at divergent zones b) shield volcanoes c) stratovolcanoes d) cinder cones e) a and b f) a and c
Which volcanic hazard will travel the fastest? a) Ash b) Lahar c) Lava flow d) Pyroclastic flow
Which of the following provides supporting evidence for the accepted age of the Earth? a) Radiometric dates of ancient sedimentary zircon b) Radiometric dates of meteorites c) Solar mass and lumi...
Which is most vulnerable to tsunami damage? a) A steep coast and steep inland b) A steep coast and flat inland c) A shallow coast and steep inland d) A shallow coast and flat inland
What were the greatest hazards associated with the 1980 Mount Saint Helens eruption? a) lava flows, lava bombs, ash b) lateral blast, pyroclastic flows, lahars, ash c) gas explosions, mazukus, bomb...
What type of tectonic plate boundary is the San Francisco Bay Area built on? a) Convergent b) Transform c) Divergent d) Transverse e) Subvergent
What type of tectonic plate boundary exists along the edge of the North American plate near the coast of Northern California, Oregon, and Washington? a) Transform b) Compressional c) Convergent d)...
What type of plate boundary is Hawaii found on? a) Convergent b) Not on a plate boundary c) Divergent d) Transverse e) Subvergent
What is the volcano type that often forms on the flanks of other volcanoes and is built from little stones (lapilli) created by gas launching lava into the air? a) Shield volcano b) Stratovolcano c...
What is the volcano type that is very large and broad and has gently sloping sides formed from low viscosity lava? a) Shield volcano b) Stratovolcano or Composite cone c) Cinder cone d) Lava dome e...
What is the volcanic landform that develops from felsic lava oozing out of the ground often in the crater of another volcano? a) Shield volcano b) Stratovolcano c) Cinder cone d) Lava dome
What is the geologic or tectonic setting in Iceland? a) Transform plate boundary b) Divergent plate boundary and hot spot c) Ocean to Continental Convergent Plate Boundary d) Ocean to Ocean Conv...
What is the geologic or tectonic setting in East Africa? a) Transform plate boundary b) Continental rifting c) Subduction zone d) Continental Collision
What causes a tsunami? a) Lateral displacement of the seafloor b) Vertical displacement of the water column c) Lateral displacement of the water column d) Compressional seismic waves e) Seconda...
What are the three major geologic hazards associated with convergent plate boundaries? a) earthquakes, tidal waves, volcanoes b) hurricanes, lake overturn, volcanoes c) volcanoes, earthquakes, ts...
What are the two basic types of volcanic eruptions? a) Explosive and Effusive b) Implosive and Eruptive c) Explosive and elusive d) Explosive and erratic e) Gassy and viscous
The theory of plate tectonics is: a. an educated guess b. the current best explanation c. a statement of fact d. based upon one or several proven hypotheses e. both b and d
The theory of plate tectonics explains: a. the global distribution of volcanoes b. the global distribution of earthquakes c. mountain ranges d. all of the above
Stratovolcanoes are generally associated with: a. mid-ocean ridges b. volcanic arcs c. hot spots d. transform plate boundaries
Shield volcanoes are generally associated with: a. mid-ocean ridges b. volcanic arcs c. hot spots d. transform plate boundaries
Mount Shasta in the Southern Cascades is a: a. composite cone b. shield volcano c. cinder cone d. lava dome
Many of the divisions of the geologic time scale are: a. based on changes in the Milankovitch cycles. b. just put there to keep things orderly. c. based on tectonic plate configurations. d. based o...
Lava domes are associated with: a. mid-ocean ridges b. volcanic arcs c. hot spots d. transform plate boundaries
In 1973, how did the folks in Heimaey, Iceland stop lava erupting from the fissure outside town from blocking the harbor entrance? a. They dug trenches to divert the flow. b. They sprayed seawater...
Iceland is: a. on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge b. shrinking c. at an ocean to ocean convergent boundary d. both a and c e. both b and c
Define: a. Composite/ Strato Volcano b. Vent c. Hot Spot
Define: a. Viscosity b. Ash Fall c. Lava Flow d. Dome
Define: a. Explosive Eruption b. Stratovolcano/ Composite Cone c. Effusive Eruption d. Conduit
Define: a. Cinder Cone b. Secondary Hazards c. Pyroclastic Flow d. Volcanic Ash e. Pyroclastic Eruption
Define: A. Craters B. Shield Volcanoes C. Primary Hazards D. Lahars E. Caldera
What natural elements cause weathering and erosion?
Why is Albedo important in planetary astronomy?
Is astrophysics the same as planetary science?
With seven continents always on the move, it seems logical to assume that this movement might lead to massive change in the habitats on earth. How would this then affect the evolution of the organi...
Which of the following is a true statement? a) Land mammals such as bats, cats, dogs, cattle, and mammoths became common during the Neogene Period. b) The first whales evolved during the Quarterna...
What is Skellig Michael made of?
How radioactive are dinosaur bones?
What type of boundaries does the Sunda Plate have?
Is the Sunda Plate oceanic or continental?
What happened when the Nazca and the South American Plate met?
Does the Sunda Plate move the fastest?
Is the South American Plate affected by slab pull?
Is Trinidad and Tobago part of the South American Plate?
What are the boundaries of the South American Plate?
How big is the Somali Plate?
What is the South American Plate?
Did Darwin visit any South American Plate hotspots?
How did the South American Plate get its name?
What landforms are found on Scotia Plate?
What type of boundaries does the Scotia Plate have?
Where is the Scotia Plate located?
Who is the father of plate tectonics?
Why is the theory of plate tectonics important?
How much does the Scotia Plate move each year?
How was the Scotia Plate created?
Is the Scotia Plate convergent or divergent?
Is the Scotia Plate oceanic or continental?
What direction does the Scotia Plate move?
What are the plates of plate tectonics made up of?
What do tectonic plates float on?
What is the difference between plate tectonics and plate boundaries?
Who contributed to the theory of plate tectonics?
What landforms are created by plate tectonics?
Why are magnetic patterns important evidence for plate tectonics?
How does fossil evidence support the theory of plate tectonics?
How many tectonic plates are on Earth?
How was the theory of plate tectonics developed?
What are some examples of plate tectonics?
How are volcanoes formed by plate tectonics?
Why does Earth have plate tectonics and continents?
How do plate tectonics support continental drift?
When was the theory of plate tectonics accepted?
Are there plate tectonics on the moon?
What are the three types of boundaries of plate tectonics?
Who discovered plate tectonics?
How do convection currents in the mantle drive plate tectonics?
How has the theory of plate tectonics changed over time?
Is the Philippine Sea Plate oceanic or continental?
Is the Philippine Sea Plate the closest plate to China?
Is the Gorda crust on the Pacific Plate?
Is the Philippine Plate fully seperated from the Pacific Plate?
Are the Solomon Sea Plate and Pacific Plate still active?
What is the Okhotsk Plate?
Where is the Okhotsk Plate located?
What is at the edge of the North American Plate?
Does part of Japan sits on the North American Plate?
How many volcanoes are on the North American Plate?
Is the Nazca Plate subducting?
What kind of plate is the Juan de Fuca Plate?
What ocean is the Juan de Fuca Plate by?
Which direction is the Nazca Plate moving?
Is the Juan de Fuca Plate subducting?
Is the Juan de Fuca Plate oceanic or continental?
Is Juan de Fuca Plate getting bigger?
Is L.A. on the Juan de Fuca Plate?
Where is Juan de Fuca Plate located?
Is Oregon on the Juan de Fuca Plate?
What plate boundary is between the Eurasian Plate and Indian Plate?
What plate did the Indian Plate slam into?
What direction is the Juan de Fuca Plate moving?
Is the Indian Plate moving?
What kind of boundaries does the Indian Plate have?
Is the Indian Plate oceanic or continental?
How fast is the Indian Plate moving?
Is the Eurasian Plate constructive or destructive?
What boundary is between the Carribbean Plate and the Eurasian Plate?
How far does the Eurasian Plate move in one year?
Is Japan part of the Eurasian Plate?
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