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Geology Questions and Answers

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What are the geological sciences?
What is a geologic structure?
Why is it important to study geology?
What is the principle of inclusion in geology?
What are geologic events?
What are Earth's major geological processes?
What are geological landforms?
What are geological features?
What is the first era in geologic time?
What is geology?
Is geology a science?
Is geology a physical science?
Which comes first in geology: stress or strain?
What is stress and strain in geology?
How did scientists learn what lies deep inside the earth? How do scientists know what's in the different layers?
What are tectonic features?
How do scientists explore volcanoes?
What does a petrologist study?
All of the following are involved in the geological process EXCEPT: 1- gravity 2-temperature changes 3- thawing and freezing 4- evaporation of lakes
What is a geologic column?
What is a gulf?
What is a canyon?
Summarize how isostatic adjustments affect isostasy.
What is the study of Earth called?
Explain how scientists date seafloor rocks.
What is the importance of chemistry in geology?
Are vein minerals ever in a solution?
How might a geologist study the history of Earth?
What topics are included in the study of physical geology?
How can earth's layers be defined? (two answers) by their amounts of land area by their physical properties(this) by their asthenospheres by their chemical compositions(this) by their proximities to t
How is the distribution of the elements in the Earth's crust?
List the layers of the Earth from coolest to warmest with temperatures.
What layer is below the lithosphere?
What layer of earth is made of molten iron and nickel?
Why are the Earth's layers differents?
What is the thickest interior layer of Earth? The thinnest?
Which layer of Earth does not contain silicates?
Where is solid material found in the layers of Earth's structure?
What is the Earth's only liquid layer?
How do we know that the outer core of Earth is liquid?
Bergmann's rule states that individuals of a given species; for example; a bear will be larger in cold climates than in warmer climates. How is an explanation of this rule similar to an explanation of
Is basalt permeable or impermeable?
How is vesicular basalt formed?
Does basalt contain fossils?
What is the luster of basalt?
Which layer of the Earth are the lithosphere and asthenosphere found?
How do we know what is inside the Earth?
What is basalt rock?
What layer of the earth is liquid?
How is basalt formed?
Is basalt a metamorphic rock?
Is basalt a mineral?
Is basalt a sedimentary rock?
Is basalt an igneous rock?
Is basalt intrusive or extrusive?
Is basalt mafic or felsic?
Is basaltic magma explosive?
What color is basalt?
What does the word basalt mean?
What is a metamorphic rock formed from basalt?