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Write the meaning and implication of 'revenue deficit.'
______occurs when politicians commit to making a series of future expenditures without simultaneously committing to collect enough tax revenues to pay for those expenditures. a. Budget deficits.
Suppose the United States decides to subsidize the export of U.S. agricultural products, but it does not increase taxes or decrease any other government spending to offset this expenditure. Using a
Suppose that the government was forecast to spend $3 trillion this year and take in $2.5 trillion in revenues. Suppose one politician argued for selling enough federally owned land in the West to b
In the medium run, a decrease in the budget deficit will: a. increase output b. decrease the price level c. decrease the interest rate d. decrease investment
What is the annual difference between federal spending and revenues called? A. The deficit B. Spending as a percentage of GDP C. The national debt held by the public D. Tax revenue shortfall
If the federal government spends 12% of GDP and collects revenues of 10% of GDP, what is the deficit as a percentage of GDP? A. 2% B. 1% C. 11% D. 12%
A result of budget deficits is that governments have to borrow more, sometimes resulting in: a. Top of Form increasing interest costs. b. decreasing interest costs. c. increased foreign borrowin
Previously, the government operated with a balanced budget, but recently there has been a sudden increase in federal tax collections. Explain how this will affect the net public debt, other things
All other things remaining the same, which one of the following events would directly increase the size of the UK's national debt? An increase in A. mortgage borrowing from UK banks. B. overseas le

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