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Write a story of someone's condition using 50 medical terms.
What is the term that is used to refer to the period of recovery and the resulting return to a normal, healthy state following an illness? a. Convalescence b. Relapse c. Remission d. Infirmity e. E
What is the period of time between the initial exposure and the appearance of clinical signs of the disease condition? a. Clinical stage b. Latent stage c. Sub-clinical stage d. Prodromal period e.
What is the term that is used to identify a factor that triggers an acute episode? a. Precipitating factor b. Stress-inducing factor c. Contributing factor d. Determining factor e. Causal factor
Are eponyms used in human anatomy?
Suppose that your brother is facing chronic health conditions that will cost him in out-of-pocket medical expenses. With 75% probability he will face out-of-pocket health costs of $1000 this year.
1. A continuation of the peritoneum that binds the small intestine and suspends if from the abdominal wall is the? 2. The backbone encloses the?
People with arthritis should avoid rest between exercise bouts. True or False
1. Why is it important for a health professional to ensure that medical terms are spelled correctly and that the accepted abbreviations are used? 2. What effects might spelling and abbreviation er
Does exercise help multiple myeloma?

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Health & Medicine

Health and medicine, also referred to as health care, is an industry concerned with managing illness and promoting good physical and mental health. This field specifically focuses on preventing and treating illnesses as well as maintaining wellness according to the advice given by medical professionals. Within the field of health and medicine, there are several subfields that dive deeper into certain types of health. Some of these subfields include mental health, nutrition, exercise science, pediatrics, and rehabilitation. Health and medicine impacts individuals, family units, communities, and global populations. For this reason, the industry attempts to make information available to everyone, and to provide health services to as many people as possible.

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