Historical Figures

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Historical Figures Questions and Answers

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What was the Malthusian era?
Find the Laplace transform of the following function. f(t)= \sin(3t) + \cos(3t)
What did Galileo state about the motion of objects?
Did Galileo create the disciplines of physics and astronomy?
Consider the following inventors, explorers and lords Da Vinci, Marco Polo, Christopher Columbus, and Julius Caesar. What were their religious affiliation? Did they believe in God? What was their r...
What religion had Gutenberg, Beethoven, Bach, Picasso and Dali?
Compare Shakespeare's life to Mozart's.
What term describes the one who is physically present in group meetings but fails to participate?
When was Karen Armstrong was born?
Was Karen Armstrong married?
When did Karen Armstrong die?
Who was the Vice president of George Washington?
Define the LaPlaces's Law and give an example that illustrates your definition. In addition, how does your example use this this law? State the formula and measurement unit that is commonly used.
Who wrote Sonny's Blues?
Where in Harlem, New York does Sonny's Blues takes place?
Is Sir John Franklin related to Benjamin Franklin?
Who wrote the poem The Last Leaf?
What happens to the Thenardiers in Les Miserables?
Where did Eugene Delacroix die?
Where did Eugene Delacroix go to art school?
Where was Eugene Delacroix born?
When was Eugene Delacroix born?
When did Eugene Delacroix study at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts?
How did Eugene Delacroix die?
Was Eugene Delacroix German?
Was Eugene Delacroix married?
What influenced Eugene Delacroix?
Did Eugene Delacroix earn any awards?
Discuss what is most significant about the theme "The Sacred Realm" and why it is valuable to study. What should we understand from studying this theme?
Name and briefly describe three important contributions Galileo made to the Copernican revolution and the new science of astronomy.
Who were the British Romantic Writers, and who were the American Romantic Writers?
Identify and explain five different characteristics that religions have.
Explain THREE reasons religion is very important to people around the world.
When was Notes of a Native Son published?
When was Notes of a Native Son written?
Where does Baldwin move in Notes of Native Son?
Who does Maggie marry in Everyday Use?
Why does Dee change her name in Everyday Use?
Why did Dee go to college in Everyday Use?
Why did Maggie smile in the end of Everyday Use?
Who is Mama in Everyday Use?
Who arrives dressed in flashy bright clothing in Everyday Use?
Where does Dee live in Everyday Use?
Where does Dee return from in Everyday Use?
Which character in Everyday Use embraces their background?
Which conflicts are not resolved in Everyday Use?
What struggles does Maggie's character go through in Everyday Use?
What type of narration is used in Everyday Use?
What type of story is Everyday Use by Alice Walker?
What motivates Dee in the story of Everyday Use?
What role does fire play in the story "Everyday Use"?
What school did Dee from Everyday Use go to?
What scraps are in the quilts in Everyday Use?
What lesson did Dee learn in Everyday Use?
What makes the quilts valuable to Dee in Everyday Use?
What makes the quilts valuable to Maggie in Everyday Use?
What is the mothers attitude towards Dee in Everyday Use?
What is the narrator's relationship to Dee in Everyday Use?
What is the significance of the quilt in Everyday Use?
What is the significance of the story title Everyday Use?
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