History of Astronomy

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History of Astronomy Questions and Answers (1,129 questions and answers)

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What were the practical values offered by astronomy to ancient civilizations?
What tools did the ancient Egyptians use for astronomy?
How did astronomy start in ancient Egypt?
Did the ancient Egyptians study astronomy?
Who first discovered astrometry?
Did the Babylonian Empire invent the sundial?
How have the histories of the different nations and regions shaped their capitalist systems and why?
What happens to the potential energy due to the gravitational force of a shrinking interstellar gas cloud?
If two stars are aligned together in one constellation, what does this imply? A. The stars are the members of the same cluster. B. Maybe the stars were discovered at the same time. C. In reality, t
Describe the modern definition of a constellation?

History of Astronomy Quizzes (68 quizzes)

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