Hooke S Law

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How to calculate the spring constant, k, of the spring?
A steel ball, mass 0.055 kg, falls vertically from rest. After falling 1.9 meters vertically, it touches a spring and compresses it by 0.17 meters before coming to a stop. (a) What is the speed of
A 160-g arrow is shot vertically from a bow which has been drawn 71 cm before shooting. The arrow reaches a maximum height of 92 m. What's the effective spring constant of the bow? Express your ans
When the rubber band in a slingshot is stretched, it obeys Hooke's law. Suppose that the "spring constant" for the rubber band is k = 39 N/m. When the rubber band is pulled back with a force of 8.6
A 1.4-kg object is suspended from a vertical spring whose spring constant is 131 N/m. (a) Find the amount by which the spring is stretched from its unstrained length. (b) The object is pulled stra
The springs of a 1400-kg car compress 5.8 mm when its 69-kg driver gets into the driver's seat. If the car goes over a bump, what will be the frequency of vibrations? Express you answer using two s
A 200-g block connected to a light spring for which the force constant is 5.00 N/m is free to oscillate on a horizontal, frictionless surface. The block is released at a position that is 5.00 cm fr
A 0.37-kg object connected to a light spring with a force constant of 23.6 N/m oscillates on a frictionless horizontal surface. The spring is compressed 4 cm and released from rest. (a) Determine
What will the frequency of the oscillation be when the mass is released?
A five-pound weight stretches a spring six inches. Calculate the work done in stretching the spring to another half foot.

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Spring Constant Calculations
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