Hooke S Law

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A body of mass 5 kg slides a distance of 6 m down a rough inclined plane (30 degrees). Then it moves on frictionless horizontal surface and compresses a spring. The coefficient of kinetic friction
A student places her 380 g physics book on a frictionless table. She pushes the book against a spring, compressing the spring by 7.80 cm, and then releases the book. What is the book's speed as it
A spring is compressed 4.0 cm. How far must you compress a spring with twice the spring constant to store the same amount of energy?
A 0.50 kg metal sphere oscillates at the end of a vertical spring. As the spring stretches from 0.12 m to 0.23 m (relative to its unstrained length), the speed of the sphere decreases from 6.1 to 4
A biologist hangs a sample of mass 0.595 kg on a pair of identical, vertical springs in parallel and slowly lowers the sample to equilibrium, stretching the springs by 0.175 m. Calculate the value
A spring exerts a restoring force of 75.23 N. If the spring constant k is 56.31 N/m, what is the displacement of the spring (in units of m)?
There are two springs. Their spring constants are related by k1 greater than k2. When identical masses are oscillating on them, which one has a greater oscillation period?
An oscillating mass has a period of 0.89 s and a mass of 4.19 kg. What is the spring constant k (in units of N/m) of the string?
A 95.0-kg climber is scaling the vertical wall of a mountain. His safety rope is made of a material that, when stretched, behaves like a spring with a spring constant of 1.25 x 10^3 N/m. He acciden
A spring has an unstretched length of 10 cm. It exerts a restoring force F when stretched to a length of 12 cm. \\ A. For what total stretched length of the spring is its restoring force 3F? B. At

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