Inequality Mathematics

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Inequality Mathematics Questions and Answers

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Brett wants to paint his master bedroom. The paint costs $21 per gallon and the primer costs $15 per gallon. He does not want to exceed $185 for the paint and primer. He has determined that he needs a
A cell phone company offers a contract which cost C, in dollars, of t minutes to telephoning is given by C = 0.25(t - 400) + 57.95, where it is assumed that t is greater than and equal to 400 minutes.
A person with no more than $4000 to invest plans to place the money in two investments, telecommunications and pharmaceuticals. The telecommunications investment is to be no more than 3 times the phar
Your company is planning to spend no less than $80,000 and no more than $100,000 on a landscaping project, which will be used as a promotional park that promotes your toaster manufacturing company. Wr
Solve using set builder notation. 12 x - 25 is greater than or equal to 3 x - 5 (x + 6).
Tom bowled 135 and 145 in his two first games. Write and Solve a compound inequality to find the possible values for a third game that would give him an average between 120 and 130, inclusive.
Sara needs to buy some tuna. Each can costs $0.79 and she has a coupon for $2 off entire purchase, how many cans of tuna can she buy for less than $7? (translate into inequality and solve)
A video game manufacturer is planning to market a new machine. The fixed costs are $550,000 and the variable costs are $120 per machine. The wholesale price of the machine will be $140. How many game
Use algebra to find the largest possible value of delta that makes the implication true. (Round your answer to five decimal places.) If x belongs to (2- delta, 2), then 12 - x > 1100. delta =?
Consider the following linear program. Maximize 30 X 1 10 X 2 Subject to: 3 X 1 X 2 300 X 1 X 2 200 X 1 100 X 1 X 2 200 X 1 100 X 2 50 X 1 X 2 0 X 1 , X 2 0 a Solve the problem. Is there more than
Solve the given inequality. Give your answer in interval notation. (a) 14x^3 less than x^2 (5 - 3x^2) (b) 2x + 3 lessthanorequalto 4x/x + 7 (c) |1 - 4x| greaterthanorequalto 17.
The following equation models a mass-spring system with a mass of \frac{1}{4} kg, a damping force that is proportional to the instantaneous velocity with coefficient \gamma greater than 0, a spring co
How are quadratic inequalities different from linear inequalities?
Suppose that the US has a Ginii ratio of 0.41 while Sweden has a Gini ratio of 0.31. Which country has a more equal distribution of income. a. US b. Sweden c. Equal
The length of a rectangle is five times its width. If the perimeter is at most 96 centimeters, what is the greatest possible value for the width
Write the interval (0,6] as an inequality.
Write the interval (5,+\infty)
Solve the linear inequality. Express the solution using set builder notation and interval notation. -4x+7 23
Solve the linear inequality. Express the solution using set builder notation and interval notation. -9(x-1) \geq 7[5-(x+5)]
Solve the linear inequality. Express the solution using set builder notation and interval notation. 2[7-2(x+3)] \leq -x+8
Let a_1,........,a_m be real numbers. Show that |a_i| \leq \sum\limits_{j=1}^m a_j^2 \leq \sum\limits_{i=1}^m |a_i| (the first inequality holds for all i)
Prove that if x > 3, then there exists a real number y such that x = (3y + 2) / (y - 1)
2,715 runners who took part in a 10 km race had an average time of 1 hr and 11 minutes. The standard deviation was 12 minutes. Using Chebyshev's theorem, determine at least how many runners had a running time between 53 minutes and 89 minutes.
For his phone service, Juan pays a monthly fee of $13, and he pays an additional $0.05 per minute of use. The least he had been charged in a month is $83.10. What are the possible numbers of minutes he has used his phone in a month? use m for the numbers
(a) A student attempted to solve the inequality \frac{x + 4}{x - 3} \leq 0 by multiplying both sides of the inequality by x - 3 to get x + 4 \leq 0. This led to a solution of \{ x|x \leq -4 \}. Is the student correct? Explain. (b) Make up an inequality (p
Solve and graph the inequality 2x-y less than or equal to 13.
A quality engineer is told that an incoming new shipment contains parts with mean length of 14.5 cm and a standard deviation of 0.05 cm. With no other information, what is his best guess for reporting the endpoints of the interquartile range of the length
Solve the following inequality, and sketch the solution |2x - 1| \leq 5.
Solve, and express the answer in interval notation. |7-3x| less than or equal to 17
Identify the feasible region for the following set of constraints: 3A- 2B greater than or equal to 0 2A - 1B less than or equal to 200 1A less than 150 A, B greater than or equal to 0
Solve the inequality \sin 2x \geq \sin x given that - 2\pi \leq x \leq 2\pi
Solve the inequality \cos x \geq \sin x given that - \pi \leq x \leq \pi
Solve the inequality x^2 + x - 20 0
Solve the inequality x^4 - 4x^2 0.
Solve the inequality x^4 - 1 0.
Solve the inequality x^3 - 7x^2 + 6x 0
Solve the inequality x^2 - 11x + 30 0.
Solve the inequality ?x2 - 1? 24
Solve the inequality ?9 - 2x? 15
Solve the inequality x^2 36
Solve the inequality \frac{x}{3}+22x-4
Solve the inequality 3x - 2 7
Solve the inequality ?x - 5? x^2 + 3
Solve the system and graph it. x+2y less than or equal to 14 3x+2y less than or equal to 18 x greater than or equal to 1 y greater than or equal to 1
If there is no leaving basic variable at some iteration, then the problem has no feasible solution. True or false and justify your answer.
Solve the inequality algebraically: \frac {(9-x)^3(2x+7)}{x^3-8<0}
Peter is throwing a surprise party for his friend Tammy. He has a budget of $350. If the restaurant charges $20 per person for drinks and food and a cleanup fee of $35, what is the maximum number of people that he can invite to stay within budget? Write a
A bike rental company charges $12 which includes the first 30 minutes of biking thereafter the company charges $0.25 per minute, Determine the maximum number of hours you can rent a bike if you only have $89.
A tennis club offers two payment options: Option1: $35 monthly fee plus $4/hour for court rental Option 2: No monthly fee but $6.50/hour for court rental. Let x = hours per month of court rental ti
Solve the inequality. Write the solution set using interval notation. -9y + 6 greater than -6y - 15
Suppose you have a ladder that is 8 feet tall and that can extend to 15 feet tall. Write an inequality to represent the situation.
I have no less than $6,000 to spend and no more than $10,000. Write an inequality to show how much I have to spend.
One-half of a number, increased by 9, is less than 33. What is the number?
Solve: (x+12)(x-10)(x+3)0
A bank has two checking plans. The Anywhere plan charges 15 cents per check. The Accucheck costs $1.65 a month, plus 4 cents per check. At what number of checks will the Accucheck plan cost less than
An artist withdrew $14 from a bank in each of the last three weeks and still has more than $65. How much did he start with? Write as an inequality and solve.
Josie wants to buy Internet access. One service provider charges a flat rate of $34.95 per month. A second charges $25 per month plus 33 cents per hour. For what number of hours per month should Josie
Jane wants to buy T-shirts at $12 each and dresses at $30 each. If Jane has a budget of 150 dollars, how many dresses can she buy if 5 T-shirts are bought?
Ashley is going to rent a truck for one day. There are two companies she can choose from, and they have the following prices. Company A charges $95 and allows unlimited mileage. Company B has an init
y -3 >-20 The solution is {y|y>............}