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Literature Questions and Answers

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What is Henry James' "The Real Thing" about?
Who wrote "The Three Little Pigs" fairy tale?
Choose a passage in the poem "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening" by Robert Frost and discuss the imagery that he uses.
In the poem Annabel Lee, according to the narrator, why was his love taken away from him?
How do the woods act as an obstacle to keeping promises in Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening?
What is a figure of speech used in the poem Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening?
How do you write clinchers in a book report?
What is parallelism?
What do prisoners scream in the cattle wagon in Night?
What does the word "hunger" mean to Eliezer in Night?
In Night, what effect did the showers have on the prisoners?
In Night, how does Eliezer respond to the removal of his clothes and other belongings, to the shaving of his hair, and the number tattooed on his arm?
In Night, what process do the prisoners undergo after they pass the selection that degrades and dehumanize them?
Can you give some examples of foreshadowing in the book ''Animal Farm''?
How many books did Elie Wiesel write?
Why did Hester name her child Pearl in The Scarlet Letter?
What is behaviorism in philosophy?
In Things Fall Apart, why does Okonkwo kill Ikemefuna?
In Things Fall Apart, why is Okonkwo considered a tragic hero?
What is the theme of A Monster Calls?
What is the theme of Edward Scissorhands?
What is the theme of The Green Mile?
Why was fight club created in the first place by Tyler and the narrator? What was their true intention and meaning for fight club? What role was it meant to play within society?
Identify parallelism in the Hemingway short story In Another Country by citing textual evidence. How does the use of parallelism affect the story?
How does the education system in Fahrenheit 451 support the status quo of Montag's society?
What was ironic about Arthur Jarvis's death in Cry, Beloved Country?
Explain what Faber means by 'quality of information' in Fahrenheit 451.
What is the theme of Cathedral by Raymond Carver?
What is the theme of The Bell Jar?
What type of sonnet is "From Pamphiliato to Amphilantus 16"?
What is the mood of A White Heron?
Is there anything to lead a person to believe that Hawthorne used nature to represent God in ''The Scarlet Letter''?
What have dragons traditionally represented in literature?
What does the forest symbolize in The Scarlet Letter?
What is the dance of anger in Touching Spirit Bear?
What are the names of the trolls in The Hobbit?
What does the sunshine symbolize in The Scarlet Letter?
What type of protagonist is common to psychological suspense?
What are examples of metaphor, simile, and hyperbole in Much Ado About Nothing, Act 3 scene 1?
What are examples of verbal irony in Julius Caesar?
What does Jerry think about Ellen Barrett after talking to her on the phone in The Chocolate War?
Who is Goober in The Chocolate War, and what is his assignment?
What is James's plan to get away from sharks in James and the Giant Peach?
What does the archetypal quest mean when studying storytelling?
What are examples of puns in Twelfth Night?
Why did Machiavelli write The Prince?
What are some examples of diction, syntax, and figurative language used in The Book Thief?
In Romeo and Juliet, what does Juliet mean when she says, 'My only love sprung from my only hate! Too early seen unknown, and known too late'?
Why is a chattel mortgage used in Twelve Years a Slave?
Summarize Are These Actual Miles by Raymond Carver
Why is the trolls fighting in chapter 2 of The Hobbit an example of slapstick comedy?
In The Scarlet Letter, why would Hawthorne call Chillingworth a leech in his interactions with Dimmesdale, but a physician in his interactions with Hester?
How do you say fruit in French?
Summarize 'In the Cemetery where Al Jolson is Buried'
In Things Fall Apart, what is Okonkwo's tragic flaw?
How do you say Sunday in French?
What are some quotes about light in The Scarlet Letter?
In Touching Spirt Bear, how did Edwin define anger?
Would you call The Jilting of Granny Weatherall a stream of consciousness story?
What does amorous mean?