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How many feet in a fathom?
How many quarters are there in three fifths. Give your answer as a fraction.
What is the least count of a stopwatch?
Indicate the started units for measuring length, mass, volume, and temperature in the Length = Mass = Volume = Temperature =
Determine level of measurement of the variable. "A musical instrument played by a music student". Choose nominal, ordinal, interval or ratio.
Determine the level of measurement of the variable. Choose nominal, ordinal, interval or ratio: "the medal received (gold, silver, bronze) by an Olympic gymnast".
State any three functions of instruments in metrology in mechanical engineering.
What is the level of measurements of the numbers 1, 1438, 66, and 413?
How to show a set function is translation invariant?
When was the imperial system invented?

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Scaling in Marketing Research
Principles of Measurement
Measurement Error
Object Measurement
Scientific Measurements
Commonly Used Psychological Measurement Scales

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