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A spacecraft orbits Earth in a circular orbit of radius R. The spacecraft applies a short burst of the ships engines. What happens to the shape of the orbit and why?
There is a satellite on a circular path at the height of h = 1200 km above the ground. a) Find the satellite's speed and traffic time. b) At what height does the satellite need to be moved in or
A satellite moves in a circular orbit around Earth at a speed of 4344 m/s. (a) Determine the satellite's altitude above the surface of Earth. (b) Determine the period of the satellite's orbit.
A body is dropped from a spacecraft revolving the earth at a height of 100 km. What will happen to the ball?
(a) Calculate how much work is required to launch a spacecraft of mass m from the surface of the earth (mass m_E, radius R_E) and place it in a circular low earth orbit that is, an orbit whose alti
The Hubble Space Telescope (HST) has recorded evidence of a black hole at the center of the M87 galaxy. Using Doppler data, it has been measured that matter is orbiting the center of this galaxy at
Satellites feel the gravitational pull of the earth. They remain in orbit because of their velocity, which acts to counteract gravity. (The satellite wants to fly out in a straight line, but gravit
One way to attack a satellite in Earth orbit is to launch a swarm of pellets in the same orbit as the satellite but in the opposite direction. Suppose a satellite in a circular orbit 500 km above t
A satellite is in a circular orbit around an unknown planet. The satellite has a speed of 1.65 \times 10^4 \; m/s and the radius of the orbit is 5.05 \times 10^6 \; m. A second satellite also has a
On July 15, 2004, NASA launched the Aura spacecraft to study the earth's climate and atmosphere. This satellite was injected into an orbit 705 km above the earth's surface. Assume a circular orbit.

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