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Use the process of evolution by natural selection to explain each of the following patterns: a. Origin of life resulted from the rise of self-replicating molecules b. Origin of eukaryotes resulted
A hypothetical plant's cells are preparing for the onset of winter by modifying the structural composition of newly synthesized phospholipids. Which organelle should be most directly involved in p
Identify what the following bacteria would look like stained with the listed stain. Bacteria: B. megaterium Stain: Flagella
Many biologists speculate that the first major steps in the evolution of a eukaryotic cell from a prokaryotic ancestor would be the loss of a cell wall and the development of an extensive cytoskele
State true or false: A protein cannot leave the ER unless it is correctly folded.
The eukaryotic nucleus was discovered in 1831 by a Scottish botanist named Robert Brown (Bill Bryson, A Short History of Nearly Everything). It comes from a Latin word meaning kernel. Which stateme
Explain the chemical composition of cellular membranes related to the function of the cell membrane.
Phospholipids make up most of the lipid part of the cell membrane. Since water exists on both the outside and inside of a cell, which of the following phospholipid arrangements makes the most sense
True or False: The binding of a ligand to its specific plasma membrane receptor is an example of a molecular switch.
Explain how the "fluid mosaic" structural model of the cell membrane allows it to perform its function of being selectively permeable.

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