Pre Calculus

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Precalculus Quizzes

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How Math Applies to Other Subjects
Linear Algebra Intro & Common Applications
Inverse Trigonometric Functions
Domain & Range of Trig Functions
Application of Domain & Range
Converting Between Polar & Rectangular Coordinates
Trigonometric Equations with Identities & Inverses
Inverse Trigonometric Functions Properties
Parametric Equations in Applied Contexts
Graphing Parametric Equations
Conversions Between Parametric & Rectangular Forms
How to Evaluate Parametric Equations
Graph Functions in Polar Coordinates
Polar Coordinates
Graphing Kinematics
Inverse Tangent Function
Inverse Trigonometric Function Problems
Domain and Range in a Function
Calculating Derivatives of Inverse Trigonometric Functions
Solving 3D Problems with the Pythagorean Theorem
Finding Intercepts of Nonlinear Functions
Finding Function Inputs & Outputs
What is a Convergent Sequence?
What Are Chebyshev Polynomials?
Absolute Value in Java
Integer Powers of Complex Numbers
Methods for Graphing a Function
Graphing Reflecting Functions
Form Polynomial Equations with Roots
Using Math Models in Business
Using Math Models in Social Science
Using Math Models in Science
Finding Exponential & Logarithmic Functions
Graphing Technologies & Functions
Domain & Range of Functions with Inequalities
Using Linear Formulas
Factoring Polynomials over Complex Numbers
Inequalities: Quiz & Worksheet for Kids
Reviewing Powers & Roots of Numbers
Determining if a Limit Does Not Exist
Finding the Amplitude of Sine Functions
Finding the Period of Cos Functions
Finding the Frequency of a Trig Function
Finding the Vertical Shift of a Trig Function
Finding the Period of a Trig Function
Solving 2-Step Fraction Inequalities
Applicable Domain of a Function
Points on a Graph & Equation Solutions
Creating One-Variable Equations
Constructing Functions
Graphing Trigonometric Functions
Modeling in Mathematics
Function in Math
Absolute Value: Quiz & Worksheet for Kids
Writing Equations in Standard Form
Using Standard Form to Find Slope