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Simple Linear Regression Video Lessons (2 video lessons)

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Simple Linear Regression Questions and Answers (1,350 questions and answers)

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Find the predicted value for x_1 =12 and x_2 =30.
The equation of the regression line for the paired data below is y = 3x. Find the unexplained variation.
Predict the temperature if the chirp rate is 2.0 chirps per second.
Suppose a random sample of 4 pharmaceutical firms had the following profits and research expenditures: Fit a regression line of the two variables. Carefully define the regression.
The equation of the regression line for the paired data below is y = 6.18286 + 4.33937x. Find the explained variation.
For n = 6 data points, the following quantities have been calculated. ∑x = 40, ∑y = 76, ∑xy = 400, ∑x^2 = 346, ∑y^2 = 1160, ∑(y - \hat{y})^2 = 52.334,. Using data above,
The following data represent the daily demand ( in thousands of units) and the unit price (in dollars) for a product. Develop the estimated regression equation that can be used to predict the daily
When autocorrelation is present, OLS estimators are biased as well as inefficient. Is the statement true or false?
What are the vertical deviations from the estimated regression line called?
The marketing manager of a large supermarket chain would like to use shelf space to predict the sales of pet food. A random sample of 12 equal-sized stores is selected, with the following results p

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Simple Linear Regression
Slope & Intercept of a Linear Models

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