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Social Sciences Questions and Answers

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What is the study of criminology?
What does compleanos mean?
What is the singular form of unas libretas?
What does weary mean?
What does el comedor mean in English?
What does La Navidad mean?
What does 'du bist' mean in German?
What does appeasement mean?
What does docilely mean?
What's the opposite of always?
What does uninformed mean?
What does un rato mean in Spanish?
What does hace calor mean?
What is the meaning of manana in English?
How to say shut in Spanish?
What does como te llama mean in Spanish?
Explain what sociologist Peter Berger means when he talks about "the excitement of finding the familiar becoming transformed in its meaning."
How would a structural-functionalist explain theft?
Helen enjoys McDonald's. By contrast, she is indifferent to Cafe de Coral, and dislikes Fairwood. Cafe de Coral is part of Helen's [{Blank}]. a. inert set b. inept set c. emotional set d. evo...
Of the following products, which one would typically carry high psychological risk for the average consumer? Explain. a. expensive mink coat b. family vacation to a theme park c. kitchen blender...
Which of the following theoretical models measures attitude toward the act of buying, rather than the attitude toward only the product itself? a. the balance theory b. the theory of reasoned acti...
Through the process of [{Blank}], people try to "manage" what others think of them by strategically choosing clothing and other products. a. social comparison b. self-extension c. impression man...
Which of the following is not an element common to destructive consumer behaviors? Explain. a. strong feelings of regret b. feeling in charge of life c. feeling like there is no choice d. feeli...
Which of the following is associated with compulsive consumption? Explain. a. income b. anxiety c. intelligence d. happiness
[{Blank}] consumption occurs with objects and events that are considered to be ordinary and everyday. a. Objectified b. Sacred c. Profane d. Ritualized
Jeff had collected a nice wardrobe before graduating from college. All of his friends considered him "well dressed." After the first day at his new job, however, Jeff immediately went out and repla...
Phillipe is a member of a small Harley-Davidson motorcycle club that meets once a week to ride and talk about their bikes. This club might exert a [{Blank}] influence on Phillipe as he decides whic...
Which of the following is an example of utilitarian influence? Explain. a. An individual seeks brand-related knowledge and experience from friends, neighbors, colleagues, and relatives who have re...
A company wants to persuade a customer to buy its products. If the consumer is characterized as having a high degree of involvement with products that are sold by the company, what route to persuas...
Which of the following theorists proposed that an individual's adult personality results from a conflict between the individual's desires to gratify his or her physical needs and the necessity of f...
Donald Trump has used the daily national COVID-19 announcements to make some fairly big statements such as 1) injecting disinfectant agent into one's lungs (sounds real smooth) 2) using light and h...
When faced with moral dilemmas involving killing one person to save five others: a. people with the weakest autonomic arousal are the least likely to make the logical decision to kill one and save...
Define and differentiate material and nonmaterial culture.
Give an example for macrosociological.
Who founded animism?
Describe how third-force psychology is different from the first (psychoanalysis) and second (behaviorism). Be sure to emphasize and define the role of self-actualization in your response.
What theoretical perspective would make an argument that inequality should always be expected because it helps businesses operate?
Drawing from the 10 subfields in psychology, identify 10 ways by which people can unknowingly/unwittingly distort/alter information.
Why is C-4 important in Archaeology?
During the winter's deep freeze, suppose you got tired of thawing out pipes in the basement of your drafty old house and ordered a gizmo called "Ready-Temp." Stationed under a sink, hooked up to a...
Synopsis of key persons, events, and associations in the history of Latino Psychology.
What is cognitive psychology and biological psychology?
What is the definition of aesthetics?
What did Richard Leakey discover in 1984?
What happened to Richard Leakey in 1993?
Why is Richard Leakey important to archaeologists?
When did Sherwood Washburn get his anthropology degree?
What hominid was discovered by Raymond Dart?
What is Raymond Dart known for?
What species did Raymond Dart discovered at Raung?
What did Richard Leakey discover?
What is Richard Leakey famous for?
What is the difference between physical anthropology and archaeology?
Which epochs are most important for paleoanthropology?
Did Mary Leakey find Lucy?
Who was Loren Eiseley?
How old was Louis Leakey when he died?
What college did Louis Leakey go to?
What continent did Louis Leakey make his anthropological discoveries on?
What did Louis Leakey do for anthropology?
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