Structure of the Earth

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Structure of the Earth Questions and Answers

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The third layer from Earth's surface is the.
The convection cycles of the mantle are the main cause of the movement of what part of the Earth? A. atmosphere B. core C. crust D. oceans
How do people know what's in the Earth's core? Have people dug down?
How do we know about Earth's interior?
How is the distribution of the elements in the Earth's crust?
How can earth's layers be defined? (two answers) by their amounts of land area by their physical properties(this) by their asthenospheres by their chemical compositions(this) by their proximities t...
List the layers of the Earth from coolest to warmest with temperatures.
What layer of earth is made of molten iron and nickel?
What layer is below the lithosphere?
Why are the Earth's layers differents?
Which layer of Earth does not contain silicates?
What is the thickest interior layer of Earth? The thinnest?
Where is solid material found in the layers of Earth's structure?
What is the Earth's only liquid layer?
How do we know that the outer core of Earth is liquid?
What is the average density of the Earth's inner core?
Bergmann's rule states that individuals of a given species; for example; a bear will be larger in cold climates than in warmer climates. How is an explanation of this rule similar to an explanation...
Which layer of the Earth are the lithosphere and asthenosphere found?
How do we know what is inside the Earth?
What layer of the earth is liquid?
What is the inner core made out of?
What mechanical layer sits on top of the asthenosphere?
Which planet is smaller than Earth's core?
What is the temperature of Earth's outer core?
What is the temperature of the inner core of the Earth?
What is the Earth made of?
What is the relationship between the lithosphere and the asthenosphere?
The crust, mantle, and core are all part of the
This layer of Earth's crust is made of granite?
Describe the chemical and physical properties of Earth's outer core.
What is the liquid part of the Earth's interior called?
What are the compositional layers of the Earth?
Which part of Earth is completely plasticized?
Surrounding the inner core of the Earth is
Which layer of the Earth is the coolest in temperature?
What is the innermost layer of the earth?
What is the thinnest layer of earth?
What caused Earth to develop layers as it cooled?
What are the three main layers of Earth?
What is the major cause of the Earth's magnetic field?
What role does plate tectonics play in global-scale climate change?
What is the geological feature formed at the conversion boundary?
Plate tectonic forces are responsible for which of the following? a. adding rock material to the earth's surface. b. removing rock material from the earth's surface. c. both adding and removing roc...
Air contains mostly nitrogen (78%) and oxygen (21%). It also contains other gases including carbon dioxide and helium and various pollutants (both gases and solids). Give a brief explanation about...
What is the composition of the earth's atmosphere and how life affected the atmosphere during the past several billion years?
The element of highest concentration in air is oxygen. True False
A zone of subduction is associated with the occurrence of what?
The nature of a plate movement on the earth is: a. fixed in direction, fixed in speed b. fixed in direction, varied in speed c. varied in direction, fixed in speed d. varied in direction, varied in...
Match the layers of the atmosphere with the description that best matches it: A. Troposphere B. Mesosphere C. Mesopause D. Stratosphere E. Stratospause 1. Begins between 50-60 km and decreases in t...
Would an object weigh more or less if there were no atmosphere on earth?
India was an island million years ago. a) 65 b) 1 c) 245 d) 135 e) 500
Why is there a chain of active volcanoes along the coast of N. California, Oregon and Washington? a) continental collision b) divergent zone c) hotspot d) subduction zone
What type of tectonic plate boundary is the San Francisco Bay Area built on? a) Convergent b) Transform c) Divergent d) Transverse e) Subvergent
What type of tectonic plate boundary exists along the edge of the North American plate near the coast of Northern California, Oregon, and Washington? a) Transform b) Compressional c) Convergent d)...
What type of plate boundary is Hawaii found on? a) Convergent b) Not on a plate boundary c) Divergent d) Transverse e) Subvergent
What is the geologic or tectonic setting in Iceland? a) Transform plate boundary b) Divergent plate boundary and hot spot c) Ocean to Continental Convergent Plate Boundary d) Ocean to Ocean Conv...
What is the geologic or tectonic setting in East Africa? a) Transform plate boundary b) Continental rifting c) Subduction zone d) Continental Collision
What are the three major geologic hazards associated with convergent plate boundaries? a) earthquakes, tidal waves, volcanoes b) hurricanes, lake overturn, volcanoes c) volcanoes, earthquakes, ts...
The theory of plate tectonics is: a. an educated guess b. the current best explanation c. a statement of fact d. based upon one or several proven hypotheses e. both b and d
The theory of plate tectonics explains: a. the global distribution of volcanoes b. the global distribution of earthquakes c. mountain ranges d. all of the above
Iceland is: a. on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge b. shrinking c. at an ocean to ocean convergent boundary d. both a and c e. both b and c
What type of boundaries does the Sunda Plate have?
Does the Sunda Plate move the fastest?
Is the Sunda Plate oceanic or continental?
Is Trinidad and Tobago part of the South American Plate?
What are the boundaries of the South American Plate?
How big is the Somali Plate?
What is the South American Plate?
Did Darwin visit any South American Plate hotspots?
How did the South American Plate get its name?
What landforms are found on Scotia Plate?
What type of boundaries does the Scotia Plate have?
Where is the Scotia Plate located?
Who is the father of plate tectonics?
Why is the theory of plate tectonics important?
How much does the Scotia Plate move each year?
How was the Scotia Plate created?
Is the Scotia Plate convergent or divergent?
Is the Scotia Plate oceanic or continental?
What direction does the Scotia Plate move?
What are the plates of plate tectonics made up of?
What do tectonic plates float on?
What is the difference between plate tectonics and plate boundaries?
Who contributed to the theory of plate tectonics?
What landforms are created by plate tectonics?
Why are magnetic patterns important evidence for plate tectonics?
How does fossil evidence support the theory of plate tectonics?
How many tectonic plates are on Earth?
How was the theory of plate tectonics developed?
What are some examples of plate tectonics?
How do plate tectonics support continental drift?
When was the theory of plate tectonics accepted?
Are there plate tectonics on the moon?
What are the three types of boundaries of plate tectonics?
Who discovered plate tectonics?
How do convection currents in the mantle drive plate tectonics?
How has the theory of plate tectonics changed over time?
Why does Earth have plate tectonics and continents?
Is the Philippine Sea Plate oceanic or continental?
Is the Philippine Sea Plate the closest plate to China?
Is the Gorda crust on the Pacific Plate?
Is the Philippine Plate fully seperated from the Pacific Plate?
What is the Okhotsk Plate?
Where is the Okhotsk Plate located?
Does part of Japan sits on the North American Plate?
Is the Nazca Plate subducting?
What kind of plate is the Juan de Fuca Plate?
What ocean is the Juan de Fuca Plate by?
Which direction is the Nazca Plate moving?
Where is Juan de Fuca Plate located?
Is Oregon on the Juan de Fuca Plate?
Is L.A. on the Juan de Fuca Plate?
What plate boundary is between the Eurasian Plate and Indian Plate?
What plate did the Indian Plate slam into?
What direction is the Juan de Fuca Plate moving?
What kind of boundaries does the Indian Plate have?
Is the Indian Plate oceanic or continental?
Is the Eurasian Plate constructive or destructive?
What boundary is between the Carribbean Plate and the Eurasian Plate?
How far does the Eurasian Plate move in one year?
Is Japan part of the Eurasian Plate?
What direction does the Cocos Plate move?
How big is the Cocos Plate?
How did the Cocos Plate get its name?
How fast does the Cocos Plate move?
How much does the Cocos Plate move each year?
What type of plate is the Caribbean Plate?
What plate is the Caribbean Plate merging with?
Is the Caribbean Plate convergent or divergent?
Is the Caribbean Plate oceanic or continental?
What happened to the Burma Plate during an earthquake in 2004?
What direction is the Caribbean Plate moving?
Has the Caribbean Plate changed over time?
How did the Caribbean Plate form?
How fast is the Caribbean Plate moving?
Is Barbados on the Caribbean Plate?
How does the Sunda Plate impact the Burma Plate?
Is the Burma Plate continental or oceanic?
When did the Australian Plate collide with the Pacific Plate?
Is the Australian Plate oceanic or continental?
Does the Arabian Plate hit any other plates?
How does the Arabian Plate move?
How fast is the Arabian Plate moving?
Is the Arabian Plate oceanic or continental?
What direction is the Arabian Plate moving?
What type of crust is the Arabian Plate?
Is the African Plate or Euroasian Plate more dense?
How fast is the Antarctic Plate moving?
What is the African Plate?
How does the presence of an atmosphere affect the length of day and night?
What is atmospheric temperature gradient?
Do seismic waves travel faster through solids or liquids?
When at sea level and breathing room air, the partial pressure of O_2 in inspired air is a. 760 mm Hg b. 40 mm Hg c. 100 mm Hg d. 160 mm Hg e. 150 mm Hg
What are the two theories on how the planet got its atmosphere?
In point form, briefly summarize two of the processes in plate tectonics that transform rocks into other kinds of rocks and for each process indicate the type of rock produced.
Why doesn't Mars have plate tectonics?
What are the banded iron formations, and what can they tell us about the natural history of the Earth?
When did the oxygen content of the Earth's atmosphere first reach levels comparable to the current level?
How might plate tectonics favor the habitability of a planet?
What types of boundaries are found around the Antarctic Plate?
When did the Australian Plate separate from the Antarctic Plate?
Where is the Antarctic Plate located?
What is the Antarctic Plate?
Did the Antarctic Plate have ice on it when it was a part of Pangea?
How did Antarctica form?
Is Australia moving closer to Antarctica?
The source of energy that drives mantle convection is ______ whereas the source of energy that drives all other is _______.
Which of the following is not believed to have been a component of the early Earth's atmosphere? a. N2 (nitrogen gas) b. H2 (hydrogen gas) c. CO2 (carbon dioxide) d. O2 (oxygen gas)
What is air?
What evidence can we point to in favor of the theories of plate tectonics and continental drift? Cite at least two pieces of evidence.
The Earth's mantle is primarily composed of rock, whereas the Earth's core is primarily composed of molten and.
Which atmospheric layer contains the weather, most farmers are concerned with? a. troposphere b. stratosphere c. ozonosphere d. ionosphere
The second most abundant gas in the atmosphere is. When rounded to the nearest whole percent, it makes up % of the atmosphere.
What is the most abundant gas in the atmosphere? When rounded to the nearest whole percent, it makes up % of the atmosphere.
With the in altitude, there is a simultaneous in gravity, which in turn atmospheric pressure. a) decrease; increase; decreases b) increase; decline; increases c) decrease; increase; increases d) in...
Who built the Challenger space shuttle?
Is the International Space Station in the thermosphere?
Who invented the Karman line?
Which statement is correct regarding how two terrestrial plates coming together can change ecosystems? The coming together of two terrestrial plates: a. can allow different species of plants and an...
Do humans breathe more oxygen or nitrogen?
Explain whether there is always a boundary between oceanic plates and continental plates.
Given an early morning sounding with surface temperature 5-degree centigrade, find the mixed-layer potential temperature and depth at 11 A.M, when the cumulative heating is 800 K.m. Assume the earl...
Describe three ways in which the presence of life has affected the composition of Earth's atmosphere.
What type of rock is Zealandia mostly made of?
How old is Zealandia?
Where is the Pacific Plate located?
What type of plate is the Pacific Plate?
Is the Pacific Plate a divergent or convergent?
How was the island of New Guinea formed?
Which plates border the Indo-Australian Plate?
What countries are on the Indo-Australian Plate?
What is the rate of Indo-Australian Plate motion?
Are the Indo-Australian Plate and Pacific Plate still active?
Are the Hawaiian Islands moving?
How fast are the Hawaiian Islands moving?
Were the Hawaiian Islands ever connected?
Life on Earth consumes about 0.47 \times 10^{16} mol of O_2 per year. What percentage of the O_2 in the atmosphere does life consume in a year?
Do you think Earth could retain an atmosphere of nitrogen for the age of the Solar System? Explain why or why not.
What is the Earth's atmosphere composed of? Why would you die of suffocation if you were to jump from a jet?
Why is the atmosphere much rarer on some of the planets other than that on Earth?
It is said that a gas fills all the space available to it. Then, why doesn't the atmosphere go off into space?
What prevents atmospheric gases from flying off into space?
What is the energy source for the motion of gas in the atmosphere?
Do trees move when the plates move? Does It change any other thing?
Air is expanded in a multi-stage axial flow turbine, and the pressure drop across each stage is very small. Assuming that air behaves as a perfect gas with ratio of specific heats \gamma , derive p...
Air is a mechanical mixture of several gases. Which two gases make up the major part of air? What is the approximate MW of air?
What happens to the nitrogen we breathe?
What is the total mass of Earth's atmosphere? Use the fact that 1 bar is the pressure exerted by approximately 10,000 kilograms worth of atmosphere pushing down on 1 square meter in Earth's gravity.
Air is compressed in an axial-flow compressor operating at steady state from 27^{\circ}C, 1 bar to a pressure of 2.1 bar. The work required is 94.6 kJ per kg of air flowing. Heat transfer from the...
When calculating respiratory gas pressures, atmospheric pressure must be corrected for the pH2O in the gas reaching the lungs. True False
Consider the incompressible laminar flow over a flat plate of length 3 m at standard sea-level conditions. The flow velocity is 100 m/s. For the laminar boundary layer calculate a) The boundary la...
An airstream at sea level enters a humidifier at 70^{\circ}F and 20% RH with a flow rate of 1800 cfm. An adiabatic humidification process adds saturated water vapor at 220^{\circ}F. The leaving air...
Explain the three types of plate boundaries, and what happens where plate boundaries change their orientation.
What are the major features of Earth?
Air with a volumetric flow rate of 1.62 ~m^3/s enters a heating section at 1 atm, 10 degrees C, and 80% relative humidity. Heat is added to the flow at a rate of 1200 kJ/min. Use the psychometric c...
What are the subduction direction and slope of the Juan de Fuca Plate at the Cascade Mountain subduction zone, given that the Cascade volcanic arc is 260 km east of the trench?
What is the composition of air in percentage of different gases?
What is the function of the ozone layer? What is the function of greenhouse gases? What occurs if you have too much of this?
Describe the layers of the atmosphere and how the atmosphere affects weather.
Which layer of the atmosphere is chemically stratified, with the lightest molecules riding above heavier molecules? a. the thermosphere b. the troposphere c. the mesosphere d. the stratosphere
Does the less dense plate or more dense plate go under the other plate when a convergent boundary is forming?
Which of the following gases was absent from Earth's early atmosphere? a. methane b. hydrogen c. helium d. oxygen e. carbon dioxide
What would happen to the carbon dioxide and oxygen levels if we had too many animals or too many plants?
Where do most geologic events take place?
What is convection in geology?
What geological events occur at plate boundaries?
About 99% of the the eater in the atmosphere occurs in the troposphere. Explain why.
Provide some examples of how the atmosphere is coupled with the ocean.
How do radioactive isotopes add to Earth's heat?
The atmosphere is transparent to solar radiation than is the ocean. A. more B. less
How was Mount Logan formed?
Early in the earth's history, the atmosphere had no oxygen or very little oxygen. When the oxygen levels were non-existent, what fossils and characteristics existed at this time? What was the name...
Suppose two equal-sized rooms are connected via an open doorway, but one room is warmer than the other. How is this possible? Which room would have more air molecules?
How many moles of ozone does the atmosphere hold?
Does air have hydrogen as one of its components?
How were the Scottish Highlands formed?
Determine whether the integral is convergent or divergent. integral_2^infinity 14/x^2 dx
All of the following statements about hot spots are true, except: a. The Hawaiian Islands are examples for hot spots, b. All these answers are correct, c. The hot spots occurs within tectonic pla...
What are the layers of earth atmosphere?
Which has higher density dry air or humid air?
Explain one example of invention or innovation that was used or is currently used to collect more information on the continental drift theory and plate tectonics.
ozone depletion of syratosphere shall result in lo 1 answer below ozone depletion of syratosphere shall result in lot of side effects to atmosphere one of them is that it cases forest fires incre...
Explain 1 example of invention or innovation that was used, or is currently used, to collect more information on the continental drift theory and plate tectonics.
Is it possible to reproduce same pressure as center of Earth in the laboratory?
What are six living things found in the atmosphere?
What is the relationship of temperature and pressure to depth within the Earth?
What is the scientific theory of plate tectonics?
Why do tectonic plates move relative to one another?
Why is convection important to plate tectonics?
Why is plate tectonics a unifying theory?
Why was the term continental drift changed to plate tectonics?
Who studies plate tectonics?
Where are most tectonic plate boundaries?
Where are tectonic plates found?
Where are the tectonic plates in Iceland?
Where does the energy for plate tectonics come from?
Where do tectonic plates meet in Iceland?
What two theories does the theory of plate tectonics unite?
What is the result of slow movements of tectonic plates?
What is the role of convection currents in plate tectonics?
What is the study of plate tectonics called?
What lies beneath the tectonic plates?
What new information led to the theory of plate tectonics?
What evidence best supports the plate tectonics theory?
What evidence exists to support the theory of plate tectonics?
What is a plate in plate tectonics?
What is happening to Iceland's plate tectonics?
What is the importance of plate tectonics?
What is the plate tectonic model?
What are the boundaries of tectonic plates drawn along?
What are the principles of the plate tectonics theory?
Is there evidence for extraterrestrial plate tectonics?
What are some potential hazards caused by plate tectonics?
How does the asthenosphere move tectonic plates?
How does the Earth's core influence plate tectonics?
How do plate tectonics work?
How do tectonic plates interact with each other?
How do we know tectonic plates exist?
How does energy drive plate tectonics?
How can tectonic plate motion cause deformation?
How did the theory of plate tectonics develop?
How do earthquake locations support the theory of plate tectonics?
How do plate tectonics affect humans?
How do plate tectonics affect the Earth's surface?
How do plate tectonics shape the Earth?
How do plate tectonics support evolution?
How are tectonic plates movements classified?
Do plate tectonics cause earthquakes?
Does Mercury have plate tectonics?
Does plate tectonics make Earth smaller or bigger?
Can tectonic plates break?
Is it possible to see the tectonic plates?
Do plate tectonics affect climate?
What surface do lithospheric plates move?
Why is oceanic lithosphere subducted but the continental lithosphere is not?
What is the average movement of lithospheric plates?
What is the study of lithospheric plates called?
What is the mesosphere?
What causes Earth's lithospheric plates to move?
What do lithospheric plates float on?
How does the atmosphere affect the lithosphere?
How do lithospheric plates move?
How do the lithospheric plates move at a convergent margin?
Do lithospheric plates move quickly or slowly?
What is present in the mantle that can melt the crust that moves downward?
On a cool night with no wind people facing a campfire feel a breeze on their backs. why?
Explain atmospheric pressure belts.
What happens to the Earth at a divergent boundary?
What is the relationship between oceanography and the cryosphere?
What geologic events occur at divergent boundaries?
How do plate tectonics cause major geological events?
How are geologic structures related to plate tectonics?
What is convergence of oceanic plates?
What would happen if the amount of oxygen in Earth's atmosphere was doubled instantly? Specifically, what changes would it cause in the organisms living on Earth?
Which atmospheric layer is least dense?
A) What are the major differences in plate tectonic settings between the U.S. eastern and western coasts? B) Why is most seismic and volcanic energy released along the Pacific rim? C) Do plate tect...
Atmospheric drag is proportional to density. How does the magnitude of atmospheric drag change over a solar cycle at 100 km altitude?
What type of plates formed the Swiss Alps?
Find the fluid force on the vertical plate that is submerged in water. The dimensions are b= 1 m and a= 7 m (see figure). The weight- density of water is 9,800 newtons per cubic meter.
Data taken over time reveal an increase in CO in the atmosphere. The large increase in the combustion of hydrocarbons since the Industrial Revolution is often cited as a reason for the increasing l...
Describe at least three differences between air in the troposphere and the stratosphere.
"To describe continental drift, from research it seems that continental drift was a past theory and has been replaced with plate tectonics." Should continental drift be described using the past th...
What are the effects of Earth's magnetic field on ocean features?
The number of theoretical plates is crucial for a good separation in fractional distillation, but is not the only factor that would effect the results of the degree of separation. Give one other fa...
In what way does a transform boundary differ from the other boundary types?
The Himalayan Mountains formed at which type of plate boundary?
Iceland is located on what type of plate boundary?
Why do lithospheric plates move constantly?
How are the LOCATIONS of volcanoes related to the Earth's plates?
What types of boundaries create volcanoes?
The place where tectonic plates meet is called what?
Where is the top of the atmosphere?
What is the primary reason why convection occurs in the atmosphere?
On average, would Earth be warmer or cooler without the atmosphere? Explain your answer.
Which gaseous element comprises the greatest percentage of the air that we breathe?
What is Earth?s thickest layer called?
What is the second most prevalent gas in Earth's atmosphere?
How do pressure and temperature change from Earth's surface to the bottom of the thermosphere?
What material makes up Earth's inner core?
What is the name of the atmospheric layer closest to the Earth's surface?
How does Earth?s atmosphere help it to sustain life?
How does the temperature of the Earth?s mantle compare to the other layers of the Earth?
What is the difference between the inner and outer core of the Earth?
Why are there more heavy elements in the core of the Earth and lighter elements on the surface?
The Earth's atmosphere is mostly composed of which two gases?
What part of the atmosphere protects the Earth from ultraviolet radiation?
Below which altitude measurement is 50 percent of Earth?s atmosphere found?
Earth's atmosphere consists of how many main layers?
Why isn't Earth's atmosphere mostly hydrogen?
How would you describe the motion of plates in a divergent boundary?
What is the difference between a convergent and a divergent plate boundary?
What is not likely to happen at a divergent boundary?
Which plate tectonics setting is creating each of these: the Rocky Mountains, the Cascades, and the Basin and Range?
Why is the Earth's inner core solid and the outer core liquid?
Why is Earth's mantle solid?
According to the law of atmospheres, the fractional decrease in atmospheric pressure is proportional to the change in altitude. This law can be expressed as the differential equation dP/P = -Cdh, w...
How do seismologists know the outer core is liquid?
Wet solids pass through a continuous dryer. Hot dry air enters the dryer at a rate of 400 kg/min and mixes with the water that evaporates from the solids. Humid air leaves the dryer at 50 o C conta...
An ideal Brayton cycle with regeneration has a pressure ratio of 10. Air enters the compressor at 300 K and the turbine at 1200 K. If the effectiveness of the regenerator is 100 %, determine the n...
How much of Earth's atmosphere is made up of nitrogen and oxygen?
One a certain day, the atmosphere has a temperature T0 of 20 degrees C and a pressure p0 of 1000 hPa at the surface (z0 = 0). The lapse rate is (Gamma)0 = 6 K/km from the surface to 3 km altitude;...
Why is the atmosphere important?
What are the two main components of the atmosphere?
What driving force of plate movement is likely dominant?
An item of plant requires 2 m3/min of pulsation-free and oil-free compressed air supplied at a pressure of 7 bar. Select and size a suitable type of machine with regard to output FAD (free air deliv
Determine whether the integral is convergent or divergent. If convergent, evaluate it. \int_0^3 \frac{1}{x \sqrt x} dx
A 2-kg mass of oxygen is mantained at 300 kPa and 30°C in a rigid container. How large is the container (in m^3)?
Wet solids pass through a continuous dryer. Hot dry air enters the dryer at a rate of 400 kg/min and picks up the water that evaporates from the solids. Humid air leaves the dryer at 50�C containin...
What is in the air we breathe?
What is dry air?
An air conditioner is designed to bring 10,000 ft 3 /min of outside air (90 ? F, 29.8 inches Hg, 88% relative humidity) to 40 ? F, thereby condensing a portion of the water vapor, and then to rehea...
The earth's crust is broken up into a series of more-or-less rigid plates that slide around due to the motion of material in the mantle below. Although the speeds of these plates vary somewhat, the...
What processes shape Earth's surface, and how does the atmosphere affect these processes?
Where can amphibolite be found?
Who studies the cryosphere?
How does the cryosphere affect climate?
Why is the cryosphere important?
Where is the cryosphere located?
How does the cryosphere interact with the hydrosphere?
Who lives in the cryosphere?
What is the cryosphere?
How do movements of the crust change the Earth?
What would have to occur to stop Earth's plate movement?
What is tectonic plate movement?
What causes movement in the mantle?
How does the movement of tectonic plates occur?
What drives tectonic plate movement?
How might convection currents cause plate movement?
Why do tectonic plates move so slow?
What type of stresses broke Earth's lithosphere into plates?
What is caused by light refraction in the atmosphere?
What is the constant temperature in the stratosphere?
Why do tectonic plates float on the mantle?
What tectonic plate is subducting under Japan?
What major tectonic event occurred around 40 million years ago?
What is tectonic uplift?
What is the difference between plate tectonics and tectonic plates?
What is a tectonic hazard?
What is it called when two tectonic plates meet?
What happens when tectonic plates transform?
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