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Instead of making canopies for their trailers Ajay Metal Workers have the opportunity to purchase them in sufficient quantities at $100 per canopy. Currently Ajay Metal Workers makes the canopies f
The Outland Company manufactures 1,216 units of apart that could be purchased from an outside supplier for $13 each. Outland's costs to manufacture each part are as follows: Direct materials $2 Dir
The RIGO Meat Corporation is considering whether it should replace an old machine. The new machine will produce 25% more units than the old machine in the same amount of time. The purchase of the n
Our company manufactures a component used in the production of its products. Our costs to manufacture the part include direct materials, $25 per unit; direct labor, $20 per unit; variable factory o
If most fixed costs are sunk, then the firm is probably: a. operating in the short run. b. in the transportation business. c. highly profitable. d. losing money.
Spencer Company is contemplating the replacement of an old machine with a new one. The following information has been gathered: If the old machine is replaced, it can be sold for $120,000. Which of
When a restaurant stays open for lunch service even though few customers patronize the restaurant for lunch, which of the following principles is (are) best demonstrated? (i) Fixed costs are sunk i
Doublemeat Palace is considering a new plant for a temporary customer, and its finance department has determined the follow - ing characteristics. The company owns much of the plant and equipment t
Which cost is not relevant to the decision whether to purchase a new chocolate dipping machine or continue using the old one: a) The cost of the new machine. b) Lower maintenance costs for the ne
Jim's 5-year-old Chevrolet requires repairs estimated at $3,000 to make it roadworthy again. His friend, Julie, suggested that he should buy a 5-year-old used Honda instead for $3,000 cash. Julie e

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Costs for Decision-Making
Sunk Costs

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