The Age of Exploration

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The Age of Exploration Questions and Answers

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Who was Vasco da Gama married to?
Why is Vasco da Gama famous?
Did Vasco da Gama get married?
When did Vasco da Gama die?
When was Jeanne Baret born?
How did British economic policies impact the slave trade?
What impact did the slave trade have on Europe?
How did the slave trade affect worldwide trading systems?
What European countries were involved in the Atlantic slave trade?
How did Juan Ponce de Leon travel?
How many ships did Juan Ponce de Leon have?
What time period did Christopher Columbus live in?
How did the Renaissance motivate European explorers?
How did the Renaissance encourage exploration?
Was the Silk Road paved?
Why did Willem Janszoon explore Australia?
What name did Willem Janszoon give Australia?
When did Abel Tasman start exploring?
What did Abel Tasman do for a living?
How did the Treaty of Tordesillas affect colonies?
How did the Treaty of Tordesillas change the world?
How did geography affect the development of Western Europe?
What did Prince Henry the Navigator invent?
When was the caravel invented?
Short-run pressures on market exchange rates result mainly from gradual changes in flows of international trade in goods and services. True False Why?
Who sent William Dampier to Australia?
Who were William Dampier's parents?
Why is William Dampier important?
Who killed William Dampier?
Where did William Dampier live?
Where did William Dampier voyage to?
Who financed William Dampier's voyage?
What was William Dampier's ship name?
When was William Dampier an explorer?
What year did William Dampier travel to Australia?
When did William Dampier get married?
What did William Dampier trade?
What was William Dampier famous for?
What journeys did William Dampier embark on in which years?
How old was William Dampier when he died?
What country did William Dampier represent?
What did William Dampier discover?
Did William Dampier have siblings?
How did William Dampier become a pirate?
How did William Dampier die?
How did William Dampier navigate?
How many books did William Dampier write?
Did William Dampier have a family?
Did William Dampier have children?
Why was John Rackham called Calico Jack?
Where did Calico Jack plunder?
Who had an affair with Calico Jack?
When was Calico Jack hung?
When did Calico Jack steal the Kingston?
How old was Calico Jack when he met Anne Bonny?
Was Calico Jack ever caught?
Was Calico Jack rich?
When was Calico Jack captured?
Did Calico Jack steal ships?
How did Calico Jack become a pirate?
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