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The Periodic Table Questions and Answers

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An unknown element, X, reacts with rubidium to form the compound Rb2X. In other compounds, this element also can accommodate up to 12 electrons rather than the usual octet. What element could X be?
In Flask A, you reacted 5.10 g of Mg with 0.447 mol HCl. In Flask B, you reacted 24.21 g of Mg with 0.998 mol HCl. Which balloon will inflate the most?
How does the number of electrons found in the element's outer shell relate to their position in the periodic table?
Why does the periodic table perfectly align?
Fill in the blanks: When two metal atoms are close to each other, their _____ orbitals _____ and they can share _____.
Why are titanium and gallium not very similar while lithium and sodium would be most similar?
What other physical properties other than specific heat could be used to identify metals?
Suppose you have 5.00 g of powdered magnesium metal, 1.00 L of 2.00 M potassium nitrate solution, and 1.00 L of a 2.00 M silver nitrate solution. Which one of the solutions will react with the magn...
What are the exceptions to the periodic trends in ionization energy?
What are the metals that have an atomic mass less than 50 with symbol and valency?
The stability of dihalides of Si, Ge, Sn and Pb increases steadily in the sequence 1) PbX_2\ll SnX_2\ll GeX_2\ll SiX_2 2) GeX_2\ll SiX_2\ll SnX_2\ll\, PbX_2 3) SiX_2\ll GeX_2\ll\, PbX_2 \ll\, SnX_...
Is there any biological process or phenomena that depends on or uses aluminum?
Who is regarded as the father of modern chemistry? A. Ruterford B. Einstein C. Lavoisier D. C.V. Raman
What is the reason that chemists categories Fe, Co and Ni in the same group VIIIB?
Would Mg + Ca(NO3)2 yield Mg(NO3)2 + Ca?
Use the periodic table and predict the number of electrons that will be lost or gained by the following elements as they change into simple ions. Write an equation using elemental symbols, ionic sy...
Which of the following ions form the most stable complex compound? A) Cu++ B) Ni++ C) Fe++ D) Mn++
Out of all the known elements, the percentage of transitional elements is approximately: A) 30%. B) 50%. C) 60%. D) 75%.
Find phosphorus symbol in the Periodic Table of Elements. Record the symbols for the elements (atoms) which are directly above and below in the column.
1. Using your birth month as your atomic number (1 for January, 2 for February, and so on), if you were an element, would you form a chemical bond with another element? A periodic table of elements...
How do you know what element is chemically active on the periodic table?
Which is not a major source of heavy metal pollution? a) Improper disposal of waste items such as used car batteries b) Mining c) Tanning hides d) Agricultural runoff rich in fertilizers.
Which scientist came up with the periodic table? Which scientist came up with the periodic table?
Based on Bromine: ~[Ar] 3d^10 4s^2 4p^5 Iodine: ~[Kr] 4d^10 5s^2 5p^5 Chlorine: ~[Ne] 3s^2 3p^5 What are the chemical property similarities based on the electron configuration?
Why are metals more reactive in acids?
What generally happens to metal oxides when you heat them?
What are the connections among electron configurations, the periodic table, and chemical behavior?
Are flame tests useful for detecting metal ions present in a mixture of metal ions? Explain.
Which of the following is a true statement about the periodic table? A. Periods form horizontal rows; Groups form vertical columns. B. Groups form horizontal rows; Periods form vertical columns....
1. Which group in the periodic table (1A - 5A) reacts with H2 to form compounds with the general formula MH2? 2. Which reacts with F2 to form compounds with the general formula MF2?
What's the strongest type of metal?
Find the Fermi energy and Fermi velocity of conduction electrons in Na metal given that Na metal is a bcc structure with a = 4.3. Assume n goes as 1/V, where V is the primitive cell volume.
The first ionization enthalpy of carbon is 1086 KJ/Mol. Would you expect the first ionization enthalpy of Si to greater or lesser than this amount? Explain
Which of the binary compounds formed by the following pairs of elements contain covalent bonds? C and N Na and F Al and S N and O Which of the binary compounds formed by the following pairs of...
A student did experiments to establish the relative reactivity of metallic Zn, Cu, and Pb. The following observations were made (a) both Zn and Pb metals reacted with 6M HCl, but Cu metal did not;...
a) Rank the melting points of the following compounds from the highest to the lowest melting point. - CH3CH3 - NaCl - Rbl - CH3CH2CH2OH - SiO2 b) Use your knowledge of the periodic table to predic...
Which metal solution would react the fastest with Cr? A)CuCl_2 B) ZnCl_2 C) LiCl D) SnCl_2 E) FeCl_2 F) SrCl_2
Why do the alkali metals have low ionization energies but relatively large atomic size?
Two electron configuration: Mg(Ne)3s^2 Zn(Ar)4s^2 3d^10 Using the configurations, explain the difference in relative reactivity of the 2 metals ( which are Mg and Zn)
Choose one of the following elements (C, H, O, N), and answer questions 1-6 on it: - Atomic Number - Mass Number - Number of electrons in the outer shell - Number of protons - Number of electr...
How many of the following statements are false? I. The group 3A elements are all metals. II Alkaline earth metals react less vigorously with water than do the alkali metals. III. Salts can cons...
For making coins, why is zinc a good choice? What are some reasons why someone would choose zinc?
What is the heaviest element that has only one isotope and is not radioactive?
What does SPDF mean in chemistry on the periodic table?
What are the two words for the 18 columns of the periodic table?
Which has the higher reactivity, Calcium or Potassium?
What is the difference between heavy metals and essential metals?
Which element is best for use in flashbulbs? a. Mn b. Mg c. Cs d. Ca e. Sr
One of the following scientists never made any contribution to the development of the periodic table? (a) J.J. Thompson (b) John Newlands (c) Luther Meyer (d) Mendeleev
1. Arrange in order of increasing nonmetallic character (a) the Period 4 elements Se, Ca, and Mn, and (b) the Group 6A elements Se, Po, and O. 2. Arrange in order of increasing ionization energy (a...
Which of the following metals is oxidized by calcium ions? 1. potassium 2. zinc 3. iron 4. lead
Which group of the periodic table of elements forms only 1+ ions? Why?
What elements are found in the following substances? a. C6H12O6 b. NaCl c. NaHCO3
Which one of the following is a characteristic of a metal? A. reacts with bases to produce salts B. changes the color of litmus paper to red C. becomes negative when combined with other elements D....
Name a lustrous non-metal?
Does the basicity decrease going down the columns and right across rows of the Periodic Table?
How can you tell if a compound consists of ions if it does not dissolve in water?
The chemical reactivity of an atom is determined by the number of present. a) proton b) neutron c) electron There can be multiple answers.
Why metals react more vigorously in acids than in water?
Copper metal is: a. a poor conductor b. brittle c. malleable