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For the surfaces z=x^{2}+y^{2};x^{2}+y^{2}=2y; (a) Describe the surfaces (b) Find a vector form for the curve of intersection. The answer is below I just dont know how they got part A: (a) Paraboloid
Sketch the following surfaces whose equations. a. r = \theta b. z = \theta c. \rho = \phi
Identify the surface of the given vector equations. a) \vec{r}(u,v) = 2 sin(u) \hat{i} + 3 cos(u) \hat{j} + v \hat{k}, 0 \leq v \leq 2. b) \vec{r}(s,t) = \langle s, t, t^{2} - s^{2} \rangle.
(1) Neatly sketch the curve with the vector equation \vec{r}(t)= \langle -t^{2}, 4, t \rangle. Identify any special points on its graph and indicate with an arrow the orientation of this curve. (2)
Graph the curve. r(t) = cos(pi*t) i + sin(pi*t) j + e^(-t) k, t greater than or equal to 0.
Sketch this spherical/cylindrical coordinate \{(x,y,z) | \rho,r \geq 0 & 0 \leq \Theta \leq 2 \pi & z= \Theta \}
A) Let f(x, y) = y^2 - x^2 and let P be the point P = (3, 5). In the xy-plane sketch the level curve that contains the point P. B) Find the equation of the intersection of z = y^2 - x^2 with the y
How to find the intersection of a cylinder and a plane?
Does it matter which variable I set equal to 0 when finding the intersection of planes?
Sketch traces of the surface given by equation below.Then describe and sketch the surface x^{2}+y^{3}+z^{2}=0.

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