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Trigonometric Functions Video Lessons (36 video lessons)

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Trigonometric Functions Questions and Answers (7,479 questions and answers)

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A Ferris Wheel has a diameter of 60 meters. The center of the Wheel is 34 meters above the ground. It takes 4 minutes to make one complete rotation. If passengers get on at the bottom of the Ferris
Verify that the equation is an identity. \cot x \left \cot (-x) + \tan (-x) \right = - \csc^2 x
Find the exact value of the expression. Do not use a calculator. 2\cos \frac{\pi}{6} - 3\tan \frac{\pi}{3}\\2\cos \frac{\pi}{6} - 3\tan \frac{\pi}{3} = \square
Use the information given about the angle \theta, \cos \theta = - \dfrac{\sqrt{7}}{3},\ \dfrac{\pi}{2} \lt \theta \lt \pi, to find the exact values of the following. \\ A.\ \sin \theta\\ B.\ \sin(
Verify that the equation is an identity. \dfrac {\sec x}{\tan x} - \dfrac {\tan x}{\sec x} = \cos x \cot x
Let \theta be an angle in quadrant III such that \sin(\theta)= -\dfrac{3}{5}. Find the exact values of \sec(\theta) and \cot(t\heta).
Find csc(\theta), given that cos(\theta)=\frac{4}{7} and \theta is in Quadrant I.
Find the exact values of sin, tan, and cos of 7pi/12.
How do you factor the expression and use the fundamental identities to simplify csc^3(x) - csc^2(x) - csc(x) + 1?
f(\theta) = sin \theta and g(\theta) = cos \theta. Find the exact value of the expressions below if \theta = 60^{\circ}. a. f(\theta) b.(f(\theta))^{2} c. \frac{g(\theta)}{2} d. 6g{\theta}

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