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Volcano Quizzes

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Volcano Facts for Kids
Studying S Waves, P Waves & Magma to Build a Model of the Earth
Volcanoes Formation & Why They Erupt
Formation of Volcanic Landforms
Shield, Cinder Cone & Composite Cone Volcanoes
Igneous, Sedimentary & Metamorphic Rock Groups
Volcano Formation Facts for Kids
Volcanic Mountain Facts: Quiz & Worksheet for Kids
How Mountains Form
Volcanic Landforms: Quiz & Worksheet for Kids
Why Volcanoes Erupt: Facts for Kids
Characteristics of Volcanoes
Dormant Volcanoes: Quiz & Worksheet for Kids
Active Volcanoes Overview
Dormant Volcanoes
Understanding Lava: Quiz & Worksheet for Kids
Types of Mountains
Ring of Fire
Volcanic Ash
Volcanic Deposits
Volcano Emergence & Sites
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