World History

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World History Questions and Answers

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What was the Roaring Twenties known for?
Why are nomadic societies important in world history?
Why is it important to study world history?
What major world events have changed history?
What is world history?
What are the six major time periods of world history?
Does world history always involve people?
When did ancient history begin?
What does BCE stand for in social studies?
What does anachronism mean in history?
What is Jared Diamond's theory in "Guns, Germs, and Steel"?
Did Bertrand Russell know F. Scott Fitzgerald?
What are two history-graded events that are currently taking place?
What year did AD start?
What does AD mean in history?
What year did BC start?
What does BC mean in history?
Why are timelines important in history?
What is meant by ancient, medieval, and modern ages?
What were some major historical events in 1965?
What happened in the world between 1900 and 1950?
How has globalization had a major impact on the oil industry?
What are some of the challenges of Canadian small and medium enterprises (SMEs): Scaling up for Globalization?
What natural elements helped feed the Industrial Revolution?
How did the developments from 1790-1860 (The American Industrial Revolution) change Canadian business and labor? Did both "sides" prosper?
Global markets may generally be categorized as one of the following market types, except a) fast-paced market b) relationship-based markets c) established markets d) developing market
Why was Montezuma Castle abandoned?
If you had to describe Frank Capra based on his film "Prelude to War", what would you say? What do you see in this film that makes you say that?
Describe the financial impact of WWII on the federal government's budget. Was the budget balanced during these years? How was the war paid for?
What is Tortilla Flat about?
Why were the Napoloeonic Wars so expensive?
Who ruled Great Britain during the Napoleonic Wars?
Who allied with France in the Napoloeonic Wars?
What side was Italy on during the Napoloeonic Wars?
Did Napoleon personally fight during the Napoloeonic Wars?
Why did the witchcraft hysteria die down?
How did political witch hunts result in blacklists?
Was Polybius Greek?
When was the We Shall Fight on the Beaches speech given?
What war was the Their Finest Hour speech about?
How did the Golden Speech get its name?
Who was the Golden Speech for?
How did the decisions made at Yalta and Potsdam conference contribute to the start of the cold war?
a) Which country had the most influence on the Treaty of Versailles during __WW1__? b) Explain how the treatment of Germany by the Treaty of Versailles went against President Wilson s ideas of a j...
Company towns a. allowed firms to increase their profits by cheating workers with low pay and high prices. b. would not have existed in a world with high transaction costs. c. made it easier to...
Was the adoption of Christianity as the state religion of Rome beneficial or detrimental to Rome and its empire?
During the pre-industrial era, what were the carbon dioxide levels like?
Under what circumstances should exporting be considered? How do these circumstances vary from those leading to FDI?
Who named the Arctic Ocean?
Who held political power in Ancient Greek city-states?
How did the Enlightenment change political thought?
Where was Vitus Bering from?
Where was the 1471 Bering shipwreck with Vitus Bering?
Why is Vitus Bering important?
Why was Vitus Bering sent on his journey?
Where did Vitus Bering live?
Why did Vitus Bering explore?
Why is Vitus Bering famous?
Did Vitus Bering discover Hawaii?
How old was Vitus Bering when he died?
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