MBA Programs in Florida with Course and Degree Overviews

Jul 29, 2019

Florida has more than 40 schools that offer Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs. Learn about the degree programs, tuition info, and program options for the 10 largest schools to make an informed education decision.

Essential Information

Most MBA programs in Florida offer specializations or specific program tracks, as well as executive, one-year, or global formats. Students can find programs that offer part-time studies, online coursework, dual-degree options or study abroad opportunities. Students without previous business experience may need to take foundational courses before or during the program. Listed below are brief overviews of the 10 largest schools in Florida that offer MBA programs, including a comparison table with tuition information.

Florida Atlantic University

Boca Raton's Florida Atlantic University has six MBA options, including a Flexible MBA, Professional MBA, Executive MBA, Sport Management MBA. The flexible option consists of 40 total credits for students who already hold a bachelor's degree in business or 55 credits for those with an undergraduate degree in another field. Students can choose electives based on their interests, providing the opportunity for a more individualized experience. Program electives may cover accounting, economics, finance, or health administration. Students also take a series of foundations and core classes, such as advanced financial management and global business strategy.

The university's 23-month Professional MBA program emphasizes international business and integrates coursework specific to the specialization. This program requires 40-46 credits, and coursework may include financial accounting concepts, organizational behavior, and international business operations.

The Executive MBA program is designed for individuals already working in the business world who would like to achieve leadership positions. This is a 23-month program that combines core studies, foundations coursework, and specialization options, such as international business, accounting, entrepreneurship, finance, or marketing.

The Sport Management MBA is a 40-52-credit program that is geared towards individuals who are interested in pursuing executive or managerial positions in sports. This program integrates several core courses and electives specific to the sport management field, such as sports law, financial aspects of sport management, and management of intercollegiate athletics.

Florida International University

Florida International University in Miami offers several MBA options through the Chapman Graduate School of Business, such as an Executive MBA, Healthcare MBA, International MBA, Corporate MBA, and Professional MBA.

The 18-month executive option integrates residency experiences and several leadership seminars with coursework in globalization, economics and social value, business strategies, and high-performance business.

The Healthcare MBA program is offered in traditional or online formats, both of which take 18 months to complete. This program includes upper-division business and healthcare courses focused on the practical aspects of theories in relation to management in healthcare organizations.

The 12-month International MBA program can prepare students to work in global business. Coursework includes managing organizational ethics, operations management, and business analysis for decision-making. Additionally, students participate in a study abroad experience, an international internship, or take electives specific to their interests.

The Corporate MBA program is offered exclusively online and is designed for working professionals who are interested in gaining advanced training in a particular area of interest.

The Professional MBA is offered at several of the university's campuses and covers topics like global financial strategy, operations management, corporate finance, and competitive strategy.

Florida State University

Tallahassee's Florida State University offers four MBA options and two dual-degree programs, including an Accelerated MBA, Online MBA, and part-time MBA.

The one-year accelerated program allows students to choose electives specific to an area of interest, such as finance, marketing, accounting, or real estate. Additional coursework includes professional development and global business. Students can expect to complete 42 credit hours in the accelerated program.

The 28-month online program requires students take 13 courses, including economics and business conditions, organizational behavior, investment management, and business policy. The real estate-centered online option is designed to enhance an individual's management skills while also preparing them to work in the field of real estate. The curriculum includes coursework in real estate investments and real estate valuation.

The part-time MBA program can be completed in seven semesters, and coursework covers corporate affairs management, marketing strategies and multinational business, and economic analysis for management.

There are also two dual-degree programs available: Juris Doctor (JD)/MBA and Master of Social Work (MSW)/MBA. The JD/MBA option arms students with knowledge surrounding the law and management of a business. The MSW/MBA program is geared towards individuals who are interested in gaining advanced training in the fields of social work and business administration. This program also gives students hands-on training at various social services agencies.

Keiser University - Ft Lauderdale

Keiser University, which is located in Ft Lauderdale, offers an MBA program with five areas of concentration: accounting, health services administration, management, international business, and marketing. Regardless of the student's chosen area of specialization, this 42-credit program combines upper-division core courses with specialized instruction in the chosen focus area. Core courses include financial management, business research methods, international business, and organizational behavior. Students who opt for the accounting concentration must complete 15 credits within the specialization, but all other concentrations require 12 credits. Keiser also offers a Professional MBA program.

Nova Southeastern University

Based in Ft Lauderdale, Nova Southeastern University's H. Wayne Huizenga School of Business and Entrepreneurship offers an MBA program with the following ten areas of concentration: entrepreneurship, finance, international business, human resources, management, marketing, business intelligence analytics, process improvement, sport revenue generation, and supply chain management.

The entrepreneurship option can be completed in 18 months and requires students to complete 40 credits. Students take courses in economic thinking, business modeling, entrepreneurship law, and international trade for entrepreneurs.

The MBA in Finance is a 43-credit program that requires students to take 27 credits of core courses in addition to finance courses in futures and options, advanced financial policy, and investment principles.

The 42-credit MBA program in international business readies students to work in global or international business positions through coursework in global marketing, globalization and emerging markets, and foundations in global business.

Students enrolled in the 43-credit MBA in Human Resource Management program take courses in talent management and employee relations in addition to a human resource certification workshop.

The MBA in Process Improvement consists of 45 credits, while the MBA in Sales Management requires 42 credits. Students in the supply chain management program can expect to learn about international transport and logistics, managing customer/supplier relations, and supply chain infrastructure.

University of Central Florida

Orlando-based University of Central Florida offers an MBA program with four tracks, including an Evening MBA, Professional MBA with full-time and part-time options, and Executive MBA. All of the options require students to complete 39 credits, including 30 credits of core courses and nine credits devoted to electives. Core courses cover strategic financial management, organizational behavior, and managerial accounting.

The Professional MBA program is designed for working professionals and allows students to take evening courses. The executive program is geared towards professionals working in mid- to senior-level positions. Students who don't have an undergraduate business degree may be required to complete a set of prerequisite courses before beginning the core MBA coursework.

University of Florida

Gainesville's University of Florida offers two MBA options with several program tracks within each one. The Traditional MBA has two program options that can be finished in one year, a two-year track, and several dual-degree choices. The weekend Professional MBA program allows students to choose from the one-year or two-year MBA as well as an Executive MBA option. The first one-year MBA program can be finished in 12 months, while the second one-year MBA option can be completed in 10 months and is designed for individuals who have a strong background in business already. The 10-month program includes six required courses plus 22 credits of electives.

The two-year program is designed to give students flexibility, and it allows them to focus on work in addition to school activities. Individuals interested in earning their MBA entirely online may be interested in the school's Internet option, which can be completed in 16 months by students in the accelerated option or 27 months by students in the standard program. Coursework is the same for the online program as it is for the traditional classroom program. The executive program is geared towards working professionals who hold mid- to senior-level positions and takes 20 months to complete.

University of Miami

This Miami-based school features an MBA for Professionals, Executive MBA, Global Executive MBA in Spanish, Accelerated MBA in Real Estate, one-year MBA, and a full-time MBA.

The 48-credit MBA for Working Professionals is designed to be completed in 23 months and allows students to individualize their experience by choosing electives within a particular area of interest, such as business law, finance, computer information systems, management, or marketing.

The Executive MBA is designed for upper-level professionals who would like to gain advanced training in a specific area of interest, such as finance or marketing. The 23-month Executive MBA in Health Sector Management and Policy is a weekend program that requires students complete 48 credits of coursework, including legal aspects of health administration, human resource management, fundamentals of finance, foundations of marketing management, and essentials of economic theory.

The 18-month Global Executive MBA for Spanish-speaking individuals is designed for professionals from Latin America. The 37-credit Accelerated MBA in Real Estate takes a year to complete and features a six-month internship in a real estate setting. The one-year MBA offers students the chance to complete an internship experience. Core coursework includes international marketing, foundations of management information systems, career development, and supply chain management. The full-time MBA option includes 56 credits allows students to concentrate in one of 10 areas, including finance, international business, management science, and marketing.

University of North Florida

Jacksonville's University of North Florida offers a 36-credit MBA program that consists of core courses and elective options focused in a specific area of interest. Students can individualize their experience by choosing from one of the following areas of concentration: accounting, construction management, e-business, economics, finance, international business, logistics, management applications, marketing, and sports management. The program allows students to complete the coursework on a full- or part-time basis.

University of South Florida - Main Campus

The University of South Florida's main campus is located in Tampa and offers a traditional MBA that consists of 37-48 credits. This program requires students to take a handful of core courses, and they also get to select two or three competency areas consisting of nine credits each. Required courses include integrated business applications and leadership concepts. Students who don't have a business background are also required to complete up to 20 credits of foundational courses.

School Comparison: At a Glance

School Name School Type & Setting MBA Degree Programs Offered Average Graduate Tuition & Fees (2018-2019)*
Florida Atlantic University Four-year, public; small city Flexible MBA
Professional MBA
Executive MBA
Sports Management MBA \ Hospitality Management MBA
$6,657 in-state; $17,885 out-of-state
Florida International University Four-year, public; large suburb Executive MBA with four concentration options
Healthcare MBA
International MBA
Corporate MBA
Professional MBA
$11,097 for in-state students, $23,578 for out-of-state
Florida State University Four-year, public; midsize city Accelerated MBA
Online MBA in Real Estate
Part-Time MBA
JD-MBA dual-degree program
MSW-MBA dual-degree program
$11,553 in-state; $25,985 out-of-state
Keiser University - Ft. Lauderdale Four-year, primarily associate's, private, not-for-profit; midsize city MBA with five concentration options; Professional MBA $28,272
Nova Southeastern University Four-year, private, not-for-profit; large suburb MBA with ten concentration options $20,620
University of Central Florida Four-year, public; large suburb Evening MBA
Professional MBA (part-time and full-time)
Executive MBA
$8,872 in-state; $27,715 out- of-state
University of Florida Four-year, public; midsize city Traditional MBA (1-year, 2-year, and dual-degree options)
Professional MBA with three options
$12,737 in-state; $29,302 out-of-state
University of Miami Four-year, private, not-for-profit; large suburb Professional MBA
Executive MBA
Executive MBA in Health Sector Management
Global Executive MBA (Spanish)
Accelerated MBA in Real Estate
One-Year MBA
Full-Time MBA
University of North Florida Four-year, public; large city MBA with ten concentration options $10,367 in-state; $21,382 out-of-state
University of South Florida - Main Campus Four-year, public; large city General MBA $10,428 in-state; $21,126 out-of-state

Source: *National Center for Education Statistics College Navigator.

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