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In the state of Minnesota, all licensed teachers or first-time teaching candidates must take the Minnesota Teacher Licensure Examinations (MTLEs). The exact tests you'll need to take depend on your career goals and specialization. For instance, all prospective teachers must take MTLE pedagogy exams, plus any content-area tests that are relevant to the subjects and/or grade levels they wish to teach. Those who already have a Minnesota teaching license may supplement by passing MTLE content-area tests. Preparing well for your exam is the best thing you can do to achieve your goals, and here at, you'll find a variety of MTLE study guides that provide comprehensive exam review and practice.

Our online MTLE study guides will help you become more confident with the material that you need to know to pass your exam. They're fully aligned with state standards, featuring content that's developed by experts in their fields. Explore how our study guides can work for you with a free 15-question sample of our full-length MTLE practice tests. There's no obligation to join; simply complete the test that best matches your MTLE goals, and we'll instantly deliver a personalized diagnostic report revealing your subject strengths and weaknesses. Learn where you stand and how you should begin preparing for test day.

After you get a taste of what we have to offer, unlock your MTLE study guide for complete access to all of our test prep materials, including thorough MTLE prep courses that are geared toward the exams you need to take. Our prep courses allow you to study frustration-free by breaking down key concepts and subject areas into video lessons that you can watch (or read along with the included transcripts) anywhere, any time. All our study guides are available online, so you're always able to access your materials; all you need is a computer or a mobile device. (Try the mobile app for maximum convenience!) Our study guides also give you the flexibility to arrange your own study schedule. You decide when you want to start preparing for the MTLE and when you want to finish, and you complete the work you want to complete at your own pace.

Our MTLE study guides also come with plenty of opportunities for you to practice what you're reviewing as well. Each video lesson has its own quiz, allowing you to refresh what you just covered, or revisit if you need extra practice. Cumulative chapter tests provide additional ways for you to work up to the ultimate challenge: our full-length MTLE practice tests. When you're ready, our practice tests assess what you've learned with questions that not only cover real MTLE content but also match the style and format you'll see on the actual exam.

To make your test prep experience complete, be sure to consult our MTLE information resources before getting ready to take the exam. We'll tell you everything you need to know about registration and fees, accommodation and retake policies, testing procedures and more. You'll also get information about how the MTLE is scored, what it takes to pass, and which MTLE study tips will ensure you achieve your personal best.

At, all of our study guides come complete with a money-back guarantee in case you aren't totally satisfied. But we think you'll love preparing for the MTLE with our fun and flexible approach to test prep, so get started with your free 15-question practice test today!

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