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Taking the steps needed to become an educator in Michigan includes passing the appropriate Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC). The MTTC program makes sure educator candidates satisfy elementary-level and subject-area testing requirements needed to teach in Michigan schools. Whether you're seeking certification for early childhood education, elementary education or a secondary education subject area like chemistry, fine arts, economics or mathematics, the MTTC program has the exam you need. Pass one or more exams to begin or continue your career in Michigan education! can set you on a path toward success by helping you pass your MTTC exam. Our comprehensive MTTC study guides include a variety of test prep resources designed to effectively streamline your study process, including custom MTTC courses for more than 30 tests, access to online tutors, mobile features and other informational resources. To get started, simply identify the course that aligns with your chosen MTTC exam. We offer courses for exams that include health, cognitive impairment, reading, marketing education, computer science and physics. Then, take our free 15-question practice test to receive detailed study recommendations based on your areas of strength and weakness.

After taking the MTTC practice test and signing up with, you will gain full access to all our study guide tools. Our MTTC courses include entertaining video lessons with text transcripts that offer full content coverage to help you master the topics you'll see on your MTTC exam. Be sure to utilize the multiple-choice quizzes at the each of each lesson to assess your understanding of the main concepts. Also included are full-length practice exams for each chapter and course, which are formatted to match the content and style of actual MTTC test questions. These provide quick feedback and lesson recommendations to strengthen areas of weakness during your test preparations.

Want to feel confident that you'll be able to stay on track during your study process? Use our Goals tool to create a study schedule and receive email reminders to help you stay on track for test day. We also offer 24/7 access to online tutors who can answer any questions that come up while studying. Need to take your learning on-the-go? Download our mobile app to watch lessons or take quizzes wherever you go.'s MTTC resources will help you feel comfortable that you have all the knowledge you need to properly sign up for and pass your MTTC exam(s). On you'll find general MTTC information that helps you fully grasp the format of exams. You can also learn how to register, when tests are administered, how to earn a passing score, and when and how to receive your MTTC test results.

Our MTTC study guides give you a wealth of information about MTTC exams, helping you feel confident in your ability to pass and earn the Michigan educator certification you desire. Our money-back guarantee makes it easy to dive in and begin your study process risk-free. Get started on your test prep journey by taking a 15-question MTTC practice test!

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Easy explanations to easily catch up on math. Taking the Praxis after being out of school for 18 years, and this has been a huge help.

Lati R.
Lati R.

I used to prepare for a Praxis Test. I had not taken any of the 4 courses which were covered on the test. Studied intensively for 12 days - finished the course AND I passed the Praxis.

Shelly G.
Passed Praxis
Shelly G.

Your courses on the Praxis exams are on point! Highly organized, concise, and entertaining. I never need to search long for the information I'm looking for. The videos are fun to watch and educational.

Tyson C.
Tyson C.

I am a 40 year old that was studying for the Praxis. It has been a VERY long time since i had to study for anything and made the material SO digestible and accessible. It was so well organized that it eased my anxiety so much! I didn't get through the entire course (but that's on me!) but what I did helped me SO much - I would definitely recommend it in the future to anyone, even my own kids!

Jennifer G.
Jennifer G.
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