Natural Resource Management Courses and Classes

Natural resource management is a field studied by prospective wildlife preservationists and environmental scientists. Classes are available in undergraduate and advanced degree programs. These courses address how non-native species can destroy existing ecosystems if they are left unchecked.

Essential Information

Bachelor's and master's degree programs in natural resource management, natural resources and wildlife conservation all include courses in natural resource management. In these courses, students learn about wildlife conservation, environmental policy and ecosystem management to develop solutions for reversing problems and maintaining healthy ecosystems.

Here is an outline of common concepts taught in natural resource management courses:

  • Fundamentals of ecology
  • Environmental ethics
  • Watershed management
  • Environmental policy and law
  • GIS

List of Natural Resource Management Courses

Principles of Conservation Course

Through this introductory course, students explore the modes employed to preserve the biological integrity of various ecosystems. They examine methods for encouraging a healthy genetic line, preserving natural habitats and making sure food sources are available. Students examine how new species affect and can destroy an area.

Wildlife Population Conservation Course

Students taking this course examine the natural wildlife found in specific areas and the factors influencing their survival rates. They study endangered animals, threatened species and the factors that influence species' decline. This lecture course in natural resource management covers techniques for maintaining and building a species with the goal of removing it from endangerment. Students explore how people introduce new species to an area without understanding how their presence affects the pre-existing ecosystem.

Forest Management Course

One specific ecosystem covered is the forest. Students taking this natural resource management class learn specific ways that human interaction with forests has affected the ecosystem. They learn techniques for reversing the process through lab portions of the course where they protect and nourish young trees and plants. This includes caring for the animal and insect populations that are also part of a healthy forest.

Natural Resources Policy Course

This advanced natural resource management course examines the need for laws and policies regarding natural resources. Students examine why laws are made and the reasons for laws currently in place. They practice analyzing the laws to determine if they are still necessary and learn methods for repealing ineffective or obsolete policies. Often, students examine laws protecting privately and publicly owned lands and the way those resources are managed.

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