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NCE Test Score Information

The National Counselor Examination for Licensure and Certification is an important test if you want to become a certified or licensed counselor. Keep reading to learn out how the test is scored and what the test questions cover.

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How to Study for the NCE Exam

Passing the NCE is a crucial step in becoming a certified or licensed counselor, so it's important to understand this test and how to best prepare for it. Find some test prep tips and study resources in the article below.

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NCE Exam Registration Information

Taking the National Counselor Examination is an important step in becoming a certified counselor. To take the test, however, you have to know how to apply and register for it.

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NCE Test Day Preparation

Are you taking (or thinking of taking) the National Counselor Examination? In this article, we're going to look at some ways to ensure you are as prepared as possible for the day of the exam.

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What is the NCE Exam?

The National Counselor Examination is a 200-question test given to prospective counselors for the purpose of earning National Certified Counselor recognition or state licensure.

NCE Resources

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Preparing for the National Counselor Examination for Licensure and Certification is a simple process with Study.com! We offer a full collection of NCE test prep options that make it easy to understand and get ready for the NCE testing experience. Among our test prep options are informational NCE resources that outline what to expect before, during and after taking the NCE test. By utilizing these resources, you will get closer to your goal of acquiring counselor licensure in your state!

There are a wide variety of ways our NCE resources can aid in your test preparations. We provide in-depth information about the NCE exam, including its overall purpose and how it can help you attain counselor licensure. You'll also learn about NCE scores, costs and the registration process. We make sure you know what to bring on exam day, understand test accommodation options and comprehend the exam's retake policy. Our NCE resources also ensure you have access to study tips and strategies that can help you succeed!

In addition to informational NCE resources, we offer exclusive access to study tools you can utilize 24 hours a day to enhance your NCE test prep. Our NCE course is filled with engaging video and text lessons you can study at your own pace to deepen your knowledge of key NCE test concepts. The lessons are easy to navigate, fun to review and feature multiple-choice quizzes developed to quickly gauge your understanding of main lesson concepts. Online tutors are accessible around-the-clock to answer any questions you have about lessons topics!

If you'd like to confirm your grasp of exam concepts, our full-length NCE practice tests can help! Questions on these fun tests emulate the format, style and content of actual NCE exams, giving you a great idea of what to expect on exam day. After completing each practice test, you will receive a detailed diagnostic report that identifies your correct answers and pinpoints lessons in our NCE course that can quickly improve your comprehension of concepts you don't fully understand. Hundreds of NCE test questions are available, providing you with hours of practice!

Download our Study.com mobile app to access all of our NCE prep resources and study tools from any location with an Internet connection. Squeeze study time into your busy schedule with ease! To make sure you don't fall behind in your studies, take advantage of our custom study planner. By sharing with us the date you plan to complete your test preparations, we can send regular email reminders to keep you on track!

To begin your NCE study process, we recommend taking our free 15-question practice test. This test gauges your current understanding of key concepts covered on the NCE exam. Upon completion, you will instantly receive a mini diagnostic report that identifies your areas of strength and weakness. After reviewing your results, sign up with Study.com to gain full access to all of our amazing NCE resources and study tools and begin building your mastery of NCE exam content!

Study.com takes pride in serving as your one-stop shop for all things NCE. By utilizing our NCE resources, video course and practice tests, you will feel confident in your ability to earn a high score. Getting started with us requires no obligations, so begin by taking our free 15-question practice test today!

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