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Planning on taking the NCLEX? Maybe you're a little anxious about taking the exam, or you're not sure exactly what the test-taking experience will be like. If that's the case, we invite you to try our full NCLEX practice tests to master essential nursing concepts and build confidence before your exam date!

We've designed these practice tests to be in line with the NCLEX's style, question format and difficulty level. Like the real test, these multiple-choice questions will challenge your understanding of safe and effective care environments, health promotion and maintenance and psychosocial/physiological integrity. Your practice tests carefully diagnose your areas of strengths and weakness so you can go back and review subject areas that give you the most difficulty. Assessing your knowledge with these practice tests can help you quickly identify gaps in knowledge and study more efficiently.

To get started, simply take a free NCLEX practice exam on Study.com. After answering 15 questions, you'll receive a diagnostic report that assesses your basic understanding of NCLEX nursing topics. This report also recommends specific lessons that you can study in order to strengthen your nursing expertise. To unlock these lessons and the full practice tests, just sign up for a Study.com membership.

Your membership comes with a set of NCLEX study guides that are all designed to simplify your studying experience. We offer comprehensive video courses that contain engaging lessons taught by subject matter experts. Watch these lessons on any Internet-connected device or print the accompanying transcripts to study offline. The video courses also come with tons of lesson quizzes and chapter exams to help you reinforce your knowledge as you get ready for the NCLEX.

We know it can be challenging to find the time to study in the weeks leading up to your test, which is why we created a custom study schedule tool that's designed to keep you on track. Based off your exam date, this feature will remind you of what you need to review each day.

You'll also have access to a collection of NCLEX resources that go over the logistics of registering for and taking the NCLEX. Read these articles to make sure you satisfy testing requirements and know what to expect for your exam.

We're confident that our NCLEX study guides will give you all the tools you need. We offer a full money-back guarantee on your membership, so there's no risk signing up. When you're ready to get started, take your 15-question NCLEX practice test at absolutely no cost to you!

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