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Take advantage of our comprehensive National Evaluation Series study guide tools to successfully prepare for your upcoming NES exam. These study guides offer everything you need to get ready for your exam, including engaging video courses, NES practice tests, expert instructors and a suite of convenient study tools. These study guides are designed to keep you on top of your studies and help you fully understand the teaching concepts you'll need to know come test day.

If you're wondering how these study guides can simplify and streamline your NES studying experience, let us show you how.

  • To better understand what NES exams are, you can peruse our informational NES resources to learn valuable information about what's covered on the NES tests, which tests you may need to take, how you can register and how you can best prepare.
  • Take a free 15-question initial NES practice assessment on This assessment, which costs you nothing, reveals the concepts you already know and points out subject areas that you should spend time studying.
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Our NES courses are designed specifically for the exams you need to take. As you work though a course, you'll learn from expert instructors who break down important terms, concepts and examples in an easy-to-understand manner. Each lesson comes with a short quiz, which helps you quickly reinforce key concepts as you progress through the course. When you're finished with a chapter, take our comprehensive chapter exams to solidify your under-standing of the material.

The courses also offer you flexibility in terms of what, when and how you study. Use your interactive course dashboard to locate the subjects you're unfamiliar with. Or work through the course from beginning to end for a more expansive studying experience. When you're finished with a course, take our full NES practice test to see if you're ready for your exam or if you need to go back for a little more review.

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