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The New Mexico Teacher Assessments (NMTA) program offers dozens of licensure exams, some of which are presented by the National Evaluation Series (NES) and others customized for New Mexico. These exams ensure current and prospective educators are ready to teach specific subject areas in New Mexico public schools. If you're preparing to take one or more NMTA exams, you've reached the right place! offers all of the study tools and resources you need to pass numerous exams covering subject areas like health, reading, general science, music, mathematics and social science.

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  • Video courses: Our online NMTA courses are filled with video lessons you can study anytime to deepen your knowledge of main exam topics. Expert instructors present lesson materials in an entertaining manner that keeps you fully engaged. The videos are paired with full transcripts and feature multiple-choice quizzes designed to quickly test your understanding of key concepts. We also offer access to online tutors who will clarify specific details presented in the lessons.
  • Practice tests: We offer full-length NMTA practice tests that emulate the format, content and style of the actual exams. The tests cover all topics you will encounter on test day and each provide an in-depth diagnostic report upon completion that highlights your areas of strength and points you to study tools that will improve any areas of weakness. Enjoy access to hundreds of practice questions!
  • Informational resources: If you're looking for general information about the NMTA exams or want specific details like how to register or make test accommodations, our NMTA resources can help. Get up to speed with the basics of NMTA scores, test costs, the retake policy and what to expect on the day of the test. Also, explore comprehensive study tips and strategies that ensure you're ready to earn a passing score.

All of these study tools and resources are housed in our NMTA courses. By browsing the guides, you can locate your preferred exams and begin your study process. If you're not sure how to get started, consider taking one of our free 15-question practice tests. You'll receive a diagnostic report that gauges your knowledge of test concepts and directs you to the tools that will address areas that need the most study time.

As you begin your NMTA test prep with, consider setting your schedule with our study planner. Share with us the date you plan to complete your studies, and we'll send you regular email reminders to keep your schedule on track. If you need to take your studies on the go, we can help! By downloading our mobile app, you can access our courses, practice tests and more via your smartphone or tablet.

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I wasted a lot of time searching for the exact and precise information on Google prior to has the exact information you need to pass the TExES science exam. You can rewind the videos and you can always email instructors if you do not understand something-they reply right away. Everything on helped me pass my exam. I did all the quizzes and practice exams. I have no doubt I will use this source again once I start teaching. I will also recommend this website to anybody that needs it.

Ana G.
Passed - TExES Science 7-12
Ana G. was amazing! It allowed me to take a pretest to see what exactly I needed to study. Then I could not only read information but watch videos to help me learn. It was very rigorous and exactly what I needed to pass.

Amber S.
Passed - TExES Science 4-8 takes you through each one of the listed subjects on the FTCE page and caters to your learning style. They offer a video, transcript of the video, quizzes, and review test at the end of each unit. Seriously the best study guide I have ever used. I will definitely use this for my General Knowledge test!! Thank you for literally saving my career!

Jacqueline C.
Passed - FTCE Middle Grades General Science 5-9
Jacqueline C.

I had downloaded the state study guide but it wasn't effective. Once I started with I was able to study in between classes and during my planning period. I was also able to study while running errands with my wife. The practice tests and quizzes were highly effective and gave me confidence to take the test.

Martin M.
Passed - FTCE Business Education 6-12
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