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Not sure where to start preparing for the NMTA? We have outlined some of the top NMTA test prep materials to help you decide what resource to use based on style and budget.

Study.com NMTA Scholarship: Application Form & Information

Discover three new scholarship opportunities from Study.com, created to help NMTA test takers achieve their goal of securing educator licensure in New Mexico.

NMTA Accommodations

If you're taking an NMTA exam and need testing accommodations, there's no need to worry. In this article, we'll discuss who qualifies for accommodations, available accommodations, and how to request testing accommodations for the NMTA.

Not sure where to start preparing for the NMTA? We have outlined some of the top NMTA test prep materials to help you decide what resource to use based on style and budget.

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NMTA Resources

Practice tests, video lessons, diagnostic knowledge assessments, and personalized answers help you be ready on test day.

NMTA exams are designed to help current and future educators acquire teacher licensure for different grade levels, subject areas like music and social science, and school professions like counseling and special education instruction. Taking and passing the correct exams, as well as meeting other licensure requirements, confirms educators are ready to work with students in New Mexico public schools. How much do you know about the NMTA program, its tests and what to expect before, during and after exam day? Study.com offers informational NMTA resources that offer the insights you need!

Here are a few things you can learn from our NMTA resources:

  • Cost and scoring details: Find out much tests generally cost, and learn about the NMTA scoring process.
  • How to register: Discover the steps you need to take to successfully complete the NMTA registration process.
  • Test accommodation and retake info: Get details about what test accommodations are available and how to retake an exam.
  • How to prepare for tests: We provide you with various study strategies and methods and also go over what you can expect on exam day.

Exploring our resources will ensure you know what steps to take at every stage in the preparation process, so all you'll have left to do is study and show up for test day. The great news is we can help with your study process, too! Our NMTA study guides are filled with comprehensive video courses that deepen your knowledge of the exam content and practice tests that measure your understanding.

Our NMTA courses are developed by expert instructors and provide quality overviews of all topics covered on the exams. Each course is designed to prep you for a specific NMTA exam and consists of engaging video lessons, full transcripts and multiple-choice quizzes. Online tutors are accessible to clarify any details presented in the lessons that you don't fully understand.

The full-length NMTA practice tests mimic the format, style and content of actual NMTA tests and help you find out whether you have a good grasp of exam concepts or need additional study time. Each practice test ends with a diagnostic report that pinpoints your areas of strength and weakness and links you to study guide materials that can improves your comprehension of specific topics.

Signing up with Study.com enhances your NMTA prep by providing full access to our NMTA resources, courses, practice tests and more. If you'd like guidance in aligning our study tools and resources with your current study needs, consider taking one of our free 15-question practice tests. These miniature exams can gauge your existing knowledge of concepts covered on your chosen NMTA test and recommend the best strategies for building your knowledge in areas that need your attention.

Keeping your study schedule on track can be tough when you're busy, which is why we offer a mobile app and custom study planner to help! The mobile app allows you to access our study materials anytime using your smartphone or tablet, and our custom study planner prevents you from falling behind by sending you email reminders based on your preferred course completion date.

NMTA prep is simple with help from Study.com. Getting started with us comes with no obligations, so begin by taking one of our free 15-question practice tests today!

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