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Oakland, CA, residents can select from several adult education programs in this area. Both career and personal development programs are available. Individual courses and programs resulting in diplomas or certificates are available.

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Oakland's adult students who may be desiring a change in life will find a variety of continuing education program in and around the city. From associate degrees to certificates to enrichment courses, there is something for everyone. These three featured schools should fill the bill.

Schools and Programs

Adult schools in and around the Oakland area are mainly provided through the public school system in the state of California. Located at the McClymonds High School Education Complex, Oakland Adult and Career Education is the city's only adult school, but Piedmont Adult School and Berkeley Adult School are nearby. The school offers job training programs as well as courses that help adults improve their basic literacy skills, obtain their GED or improve their English language reading and writing abilities.

Schools At a Glance

Oakland Adult and Career Education

  • OACE is located at various public high schools.
  • Courses are offered on-campus and include GED, individual classes and internships.

Piedmont Adult School

  • Piedmont adult classes are all offered at Piedmont High School.
  • The adult classes are offered in nine areas of study at various times during the week.

Berkeley Adult School

  • BAS is located in Berkeley, just north of Oakland.
  • The school offers various professional certificates in specific fields like nursing or computers.

Oakland Adult and Career Education's (OACE) Adult School Programs

OACE is a part of the Oakland Unified School District, and offers GED preparation, English as a Second Language ((ESL) and computer literacy classes for parents, and career technical training for adults with developmental disabilities.

GED Program

The GED program runs for approximately three months. To enter the program, students must complete an orientation and assessment. GED testing covers science, math, social science, reading and writing.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Family Literacy Courses

ESL classes are offered to parents to improve basic skills in speaking English. These classes are designed so that parents can better support their child's educational journey as well as communicate with teachers. Parents taking this course also get the opportunity to regularly visit their child's class.

Computer Family Literacy Course

This class teaches parents how to use the computer in order to keep up with their child's academics. They learn how to browse the Internet safely, use email, and access the school district's parent portal webpage to track their child's attendance, grades and assignments.

Project Search Program

This program serves as an internship for adults with developmental disabilities. Participants work full-time hours at a local host business where they get classroom instruction and on-the-job training to prepare for public sector and healthcare careers.

Piedmont Adult School

The Piedmont Adult School holds classes at the Piedmont High School located in the northeastern part of Oakland. The school offers a variety of non-credit classes throughout the week and evenings.


PAS holds a variety of language classes including four in French, five in Spanish, intro to Russian and beginning Italian. The French courses start with a true beginner course and follows with two intermediate courses and one advanced.

Editor's Eye: Film Appreciation & Aesthetics Series 1

This course can be found under the 'General' banner of courses. Film Appreciation is designed with those students in mind who are looking for a greater appreciation of the art form that goes into filmmaking. A series of films will be seen and discussed to increase a student's knowledge of the craft.

Websites with Wordpress

PAS offers a variety of computer classes to fit all levels of knowledge and skills. They offer two classes in designing webpages using the computer program Wordpress. One of these courses is an optional lab session.

Berkeley Adult School

The Berkeley Adult School is an accredited school founded in 1881 and located just north of Oakland in Berkeley, California offering four main adult education programs: English as a Second Language, high school diplomas, work skills and life enrichment.

Web Design and Development with Dreamweaver

Berkeley offers two Dreamweaver programs with courses that teach the fundamentals necessary for designing webpages using Dreamweaver software and students gain a greater understanding of basic of HTML and CSS. Level 1 works mostly with HTML while Level 2 works in more advanced CSS and introduces students to Javascript.

MS Office

This certificate class is offered as a self-paced program helping students use Microsoft Office and all its applications. For mastery it is suggested that students take the class more than a couple of times.

CPR/Medical Terminology

BA offers health related courses for students wanting to enter the workforce in some capacity. They will be able to use the CPR/AED/First Aid (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and Medical Terminology courses for entry level positions immediately.

Adults looking to improve their career skills or working to change careers have many opportunities in Oakland. There are several schools with degree plans and career certificates with course work offered during the day, evening and weekends and even entire programs online.

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