Free Online Biochemistry Course and Class Overviews

Several prominent colleges and universities offer free biochemistry courses online. The courses are the same as the ones taken on campus, with the exception that a student does not earn college credit for coursework.

Online Biochemistry Courses for Credit

When students visit, they will find numerous low-cost biology and chemistry courses that can help them learn much more about biochemistry topics and begin to earn college credit. They can further their knowledge of biochemistry through resources like video lessons, transcripts, lesson quizzes and chapter tests.

The course called Biology 101: Intro to Biology gives students a chance to study general biology topics, ranging from cell membranes to DNA. Sample chapters in this course include:

  • Cell Structure and Organelles - Learn about different cell organelles and their function such as the nucleus, ribosome, endomembrane system and chloroplast.
  • Enzymatic Biochemistry - Examine how enzymes work and function and learn their role in the human body. See how they regulate chemical reactions.
  • Metabolic Biochemistry - Study cellular respiration, glycolysis, the citric acid cycle and the electron transport chain. Learn about photosynthesis and the biochemical process that supplies energy to plant cells.

Another course called Chemistry 101: General Chemistry gives students the opportunity to explore numerous chemistry topics. Some of the chapters in this course include:

  • The Periodic Table - Explore how the periodic table is ordered and the groups of the different elements in the periodic table.
  • Chemical Bonding - Topics include ionic compounds, covalent compounds, Lewis structures, hydrogen bonding and metallic bonding.
  • Equilibrium - Learn about the RICE table, the common ion effect, acid-base equilibrium, acid-base buffers and titrations with strong and weak acids.

Where Can I Find Free Online Biochemistry Courses?

Some colleges provide OpenCourseWare (OCW) programs to online students. The courses do not award credit, but cost nothing and are the school's way to pay back the community that supports them. Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Arizona are two schools to offer free online biochemistry courses.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT's online biochemistry laboratory course is offered through the chemistry department. There are six 1-hour lecture sessions and two 4-hour lab sessions. Lecture notes are available for download. Students can take examinations online, but they are not graded or scored, and students do not get answers to the questions.

  • Biochemistry Laboratory allows students to examine the tools and methods used by biochemists to dissect biological problems. Students enrolled in the online course analyze the mode of action and structure of proteins.

University of Arizona

The Biology Project is offered through the University of Arizona's Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics. The department has recently made adjustments to the program so that it is accessible to students who must use assistive technology.

  • The Biology Project covers an array of science fields, including chemistry, metabolic acidosis and alkalosis, large molecules, acids, bases and amino acids. Topics on metabolism, photosynthesis, energy, enzymes and catalysis are also explored.
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