Online Biotechnology Vocational Schools and Colleges

Several colleges and universities offer online programs in biotechnology. Some on-campus work may be required, depending upon courses chosen. Keep reading for more information and program descriptions.

Many people interested in biotechnology may pursue a undergraduate degree in field. Some get a bachelors degree in biology, chemistry or a related field , and find work in biotechnology, but want to expand their careers and earn a graduate degree or certificate.

How to Select an Online Biotechnology Vocational School

Biotechnology and related fields, such as biomedical engineering, bioprocess engineering and chemical engineering, utilize concepts in medical science, chemistry, biology, information technology and robotics to develop techniques that modify living things to fit human purposes. The two schools below offer a variety of online programs and courses in biotechnology.

Overview of Online Biotechnology Vocational Schools

North Dakota State College of Science

The biotechnology programs offered at North Dakota State College of Science equip graduates to hold entry-level positions in the field of biotechnology. The curriculum is a combination of online courses and campus-based laboratory courses.

Certificate in Biotechnology

This certificate program comprises 33 semester hours of coursework. Online or classroom studies and laboratory experience in biology, chemistry, technical communications, laboratory instrumentation, microbiology, nanobiology and biotechnology methods are needed to complete the certificate requirements.

Diploma in Biotechnology

In order to receive a diploma, each student must complete the courses required for a biotechnology certificate along with additional courses in quality assurance, analysis techniques and ethical implications of technology. A total of 49 semester hours are required.

Associate of Applied Science in Biotechnology

In this program, students complete certificate and diploma course requirements followed by courses in introductory biotechnology, statistics, physics and bioprocessing and an internship in biotechnology. A total of 68 semester credits are needed for the associate's degree.

University of California - Berkeley

Online biotechnology programs at UC - Berkeley are aimed at helping the bioscience professional stay current with the latest developments of the industry and provide practical knowledge for on-the-job professionalism. Some courses require attendance at campus or extension locations, while others can be completed online.

Online Courses in Biotechnology

Featured online courses include the study of recent developments in stem cell research, human physiology, immunology, hematology, biochemistry, clinical trial supply management, structural biology and career opportunities in biotechnology. Biotechnology courses are grouped together so that students may, in most instances, register for one class or complete several that form a core curriculum. Not all classes in each discipline are offered online; some require attendance at extension centers in order to complete a certificate.

Advanced Biosciences Program

This program consists of one introductory course that can be taken either online or in the classroom, followed by a minimum of 2-3 electives, some of which are offered in an online format. Students can choose from topics such as medical microbiology, immunology, molecular endocrinology, neuroscience, virology and a host of others. Applicants must hold a bachelor's degree or have significant coursework in biology, chemistry and advanced mathematics. Successful students leave the 10-semester unit program with an Award of Completion. The program is designed to help those working in the field keep abreast of new developments as well as for those who wish to go to graduate school in the biosciences.

Schools with Online Programs in Biotechnology.

The University of California Berkeley offers students who have a bachelors degree in science or engineering, or another bachelors degree with at least one year of biology, chemistry and advanced mathematics, online courses that lead up to a graduate certificate. Students in this advanced biosciences graduate certificate program are often wanting to improve their knowledge and skills, or need to learn new skills that they can apply to their employment. The courses in this program cover advanced biosciences, biology and chemistry.

Northeastern University offers graduate students a Master of Science in Biotechnology with a number of concentrations, including biopharmaceutical analytical sciences, biotechnology enterprise, pharmaceutical technologies and process sciences. Students in the biotechnology enterprise concentration may complete the program completely online. The program is so versatile because it is offered jointly by both the College of Science and the Bouvé College of Health Sciences.

After earning a bachelors degree and starting a career in a biotechnology related field, many may find ways to attend online classes and improve their skills and knowledge through one of many online biotechnology programs. These programs may offer a graduate certificates or a full master's degrees, completely online.

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