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Online computer science courses teach students various programming languages, computer systems design and computer science research. While standalone courses are available, many are part of larger online bachelor's or master's programs in information technology, computer science and related fields.

Online Courses in Computer Science

Below are some descriptions of commonly offered online courses in computer science.

  • Foundations of Computer Science: This course educates students on the basic mathematical concepts of computer science. It covers a variety of topics, such as iteration, recursion, induction, regular expressions, finite automata and propositional and predicate logic.
  • Theory of Computation: Students learn the basic models of computation and the finite representation of infinite objects including context free languages, partial recursive functions, time complexity, reducibility and completeness.
  • Programming Languages: This course emphasizes implementation of language features and the basic concepts of Java and C++. Additional topics may include subroutines, sequence control, block structure and data representation.
  • Calculus (I & II): At the introductory level, this course covers functions, graphing, derivatives and their applications, definite and indefinite integrals and the calculation of area. The advanced course builds upon this previously mastered language, focusing on using infinite series to approximate functions which may model real-world scenarios.
  • Computer Networks and the Internet: This course covers the central concepts in the design and implementation of computer networks. Topics include the principles of communications, local area networks, communications protocols, TCP/IP, and the internet.
  • Parallel Processing: This course covers the basic concepts, techniques, and tools used in parallel processing. Students will learn how to apply the basic concepts and mechanisms of the design of parallel computing models and algorithms, recognize the problems of parallel processing and devise possible solutions, and read relevant scholarly papers regarding parallel algorithms and systems, both historical and current.

Program Information

Online computer science courses emphasize a variety of practices and theories that prepare students for careers in areas such as software engineering, computer support and aerospace engineering, among others. Online courses in computer science often give students the opportunity to access the material when it's most convenient for them. Other times, students may be required to participate in synchronized class sessions. Students use an online learning platform to access and submit assignments, download lecture notes, watch instructional videos and communicate with peers and instructors. Synchronized class sessions may sometimes be required.

Students interested in a career in computer science but who may not be able to attend a local university may find an online option is ideal. Online computer classes range from basic introductions to the field which prepare students for an entry level job all the way to the more technical classes designed for those working in the field who want to move up into higher level positions.

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