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Find out about online electronics technology courses and in which degree programs they're most commonly offered. Get course descriptions, program info and online requirements to make an informed decision.

Essential Information

The field of electronics technology involves the principles of electrical and electronics design. Online coursework in electronics technology is offered as part of associate's, bachelor's or master's degree programs in fields such as electronics engineering or electronics and computer technology. Courses may be offered entirely online or in hybrid formats. Prior to beginning some of these courses, students may need to get access to specialized software.

Electronics Technology

Courses may be offered as self-paced modules, or they may require students to take part in real-time virtual class sessions. Participation may be conducted by way of chat rooms, discussion boards, videoconferencing and e-mail, and coursework may be supplemented through the use of instructional DVDs. In addition, many courses focus on independent reading followed by exams.

In a distance learning program, students may complete labs through the use of computer simulations. More specifically, students may use Electronics Workbench software to learn how to design circuit boards. Students may also need word processing and spreadsheet software to complete assignments. Degree programs can be available entirely online or in hybrid format and may include the following:

  • Associate of Science in Electronics Technology
  • Associate of Science in Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology
  • Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering Technology
  • Master of Science in Electronics and Computer Technology

Common Courses

Electric Circuits

Electric circuits are part of the fundamental online coursework in electronics technology. Students learn the principles of AC and DC circuits, including parallel and series circuits, equivalent circuits, Ohm's law and Kirchhoff's laws.

Electronic Circuits

Topics covered in online courses in electronics circuits include regulated and unregulated power supplies, various configurations of amplifiers and other analog circuits. Some programs focus on subsystems common to the field of industrial controls and communications.

Power System Equipment

Students taking coursework in power system equipment learn to describe how major high voltage equipment found in substations operates. Additionally, students learn the characteristics of various types of transmission line equipment, such as insulation, clearances, grounding and spacing.

Electrical Safety: Grounding and Switching

Grounding and switching electrical safety coursework provides a comprehensive understanding of working near energized and de-energized high voltage equipment in order to minimize risks. Students learn theory, applications and procedures of all safety aspects relevant to the electrical power industry.

Interconnected Systems

The main focus of online coursework in interconnected systems is on how major power utility systems function as an interconnected grid. Both administrative and operative procedures are taught, as well as protection and system dynamics with the goal of minimizing disturbances while maximizing reliability and stability.

Wind Power: Design and Installation

Some online programs offer coursework in design and installation for wind power, covering the fundamentals of micro turbines, small turbines and large turbines. In addition to the technology behind wind turbine functions, students learn about wind energy and wind characteristics with the goal of optimizing design and constructing wind turbines safely.

Coursework in electronics technology is a critical aspect of online undergraduate and graduate programs in related subjects. Even though students may not need to attend on-campus sessions, they still benefit from hands-on training through virtual labs, as well as collaboration with other students through online discussion platforms.

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