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Artem Cheprasov, DVM

Artem Cheprasov Creating lessons for gives me the ability to simultaneously combine my love for science, teaching, writing, creativity, and communication. The ability to reach and teach a global audience is just icing on the cake. The cherry on top is the fact that I get to pick and choose my projects, work when and where I want, and interact with really great colleagues that care about changing the unfortunate nature of broken educational systems and methods around the world.
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Jeff Calareso, M.F.A.

Jeff Calareso Developing lessons for is an amazing and unique experience. I've happily referred numerous colleagues to the site. The whole team is dedicated to making high quality, engaging lessons, which fosters a student-focused culture and creates an educational site like no other. I love the collaboration with the various teams, such as the excellent video production team. They excel at bringing my ideas to life, regularly exceeding my expectations and ensuring the lessons are fun to watch.
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Sherri Hartzell MBA, Ed.D

Sherri Hartzell Being a consultant allows me the freedom to work when I want for as long as I want; yet, there is always work waiting for me to do. It gives me the flexibility to earn a great income while at the same time I can focus on my family. The work is always challenging and fun; I feel like I get to learn something new almost every day! I am able to share my talents, abilities, and passion for education with such a large audience thanks to What offers is an educator's dream; freedom, support, and encouragement to create educational materials that matter to students.
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Sarah Friedl, M.S.

Sarah Friedl I really enjoy working with for a number of reasons. Writing the types of lessons they offer to students is fun, but it's also rewarding. Anyone can present information, but presenting it in an engaging and memorable way really takes skill and I enjoy challenging myself in that way. The staff is fantastic; they are flexible, responsive, and supportive. If you work better with deadlines they'll give you some. If you want weekly or monthly goals for motivation they'll supply those too. But if you just want to do your own thing they're fine with that as well. is constantly striving for improvement, and with their frequent incentives and constructive feedback I am always left feeling valued and appreciated.
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Kat Kadian-Baumeyer, M.S.

Kat Kadian-Baumeyer Working with has been nothing short of an amazing learning experience for me. From my very first to my 100th video, I learn something new about writing. The team encourages, motivates and mentors us through every step of the process. They answer questions almost immediately, provide support and communication all the time. I truly love my role!
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Natalie Boyd, M.A.

Natalie Boyd How often do you get paid well for a role that helps others? Working with is fun and challenging, and the work gives others the chance to better their lives. The staff is super supportive, too. It's truly one of the best roles I could imagine.
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