Adrian Ridner CEO and Co-founder of

As Co-founder and CEO of, a trusted education website used by over 30 million students and teachers a month, Adrian knows first-hand how technology is transforming education. He is committed to improving online education through personalized learning solutions that are engaging, effective, and affordable.'s video lessons and online courses help K-12 and college students excel academically and help professionals close skill gaps. By working with millions of students every month, he has become an expert on educational issues like college affordability and personalized learning.

Adrian Ridner | CEO and Co-founder of

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Adrian can provide expert perspectives on:

  • Making college affordable Strategies students can use to reduce college costs and avoid massive student loans
  • Ensuring your child gets a high-quality education Taking education into your own hands with supplemental resources and learning beyond the classroom
  • Improving workplace skills Talent development strategies to help companies attract, upskill, and retain employees
  • Personalized learning How teachers and technology can work together to improve student outcomes
  • Technology and the future of education Edtech trends that are changing the classroom and how students learn

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Passion for education

Growing up in South America, Adrian witnessed firsthand how quality education gave individuals a chance to overcome poverty and thrive in society. Watching others struggle with a lack of educational resources fueled his desire to fix a broken education system. When Adrian came to the United States, he grew increasingly frustrated by the lack of efficient study tools and the rising cost of college. After he graduated from California Polytechnic State University and started his engineering career, Adrian discovered that technology could provide a low-cost solution to help overcrowded, underfunded school districts and alleviate overwhelming student loan debt. Adrian teamed up with Co-founder Ben Wilson to self-fund in hopes of making education readily available and affordable for every student.

For over a decade, Adrian has been working to make an essential part of the educational journey. helps any person learn, grow and thrive—regardless of their socio-economic background. The website, which has become one of the most visited education sites in the world, features animated videos that bring concepts to life and provides an easy, low cost way to improve grades, earn college credit, and close professional skill gaps. His continued efforts give millions of students access to affordable and effective education.

Adrian is on the board of Riecken Community Libraries. The Riecken Foundation has been promoting literacy and access to knowledge in Central America since 2000. Through their community libraries, the Foundation has brought books, newspapers, the Internet, and other resources to over 60 small communities in Honduras and Guatemala. He also serves as a board member for Cal Poly's Engineering & Computer Science advisory council where he has helped transform the curriculum over the past four years to prepare graduates for their fast-changing technology careers.