Copyright Joins Supporters of Riecken Community Libraries Programs

Partnership Will Focus On Empowerment Through Education and Facilitating Access to Technology in Central American Communities

March 15, 2016

Tegucigalpa, Honduras — Riecken Community Libraries recently partnered with to support educational programs within rural libraries of Honduras and Guatemala. The programs focus on giving impoverished areas access to information and technology.

The contribution from will support the work of over 60 Riecken Community Libraries in the region. This helps the libraries provide communities with books, technology, training and dynamic programs that range from early childhood nutrition to leadership development to support for local entrepreneurs. Last year, Riecken libraries had over 300,000 visitors benefiting from these offerings.

"By empowering children in these communities, we strengthen their voice in a world that often overlooks them, and help them to become tomorrow's leaders within – and beyond – their communities," said Bill Cartwright, President of Riecken Community Libraries. "We are thrilled has partnered with us and provided $25,000 towards the programs, which will enable us to enhance the quality of materials, technology and training that we can deliver in our programs."

Adrian Ridner, Founder of, is enthusiastic about the company's partnership with Riecken Community Libraries: "Education is one of the most impactful ways to help those in remote or impoverished areas develop the skills they need to succeed. is dedicated to making education accessible by both offering affordable online courses and study tools and by fostering partnerships with organizations like Riecken libraries. We feel that we have a natural alignment with Riecken Libraries because they are also providing access to information that can change lives in their communities. We are honored to help by using our contribution to bring otherwise unavailable resources to this very challenged region."

About Riecken Community Libraries

Riecken Community Libraries bring access to information and programs to poor rural areas of Central America through a network of over 60 dynamic community libraries. Offering books, programs relevant to the needs of the communities being served, and access to technology whenever possible – Riecken libraries connect people in Honduras and Guatemala to each other and to the world. They help prepare a generation of local leadership and open minds and imaginations to a world of possibilities otherwise inaccessible to these underserved communities.

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