We are educators

We are united for the shared purpose of making education accessible. (We also like getting things done.)

Our Core Values

Be Exceptional

Everything at starts with our people. We attract individuals that passionately attack problems, are not afraid to try big new things and are never satisfied with the status quo. Everyone who works here is expected to be exceptional and the people we bring on are expected to raise the bar even higher. Only with exceptional individuals can we achieve exceptional teams and products, and ultimately our goal of making education accessible for all.

Kevin Director, Product


From day one, everyone has an opportunity to make significant contributions at Our regular Innovation Fridays and twice yearly hack-a-thons give everyone time in the schedule to do all the work that REALLY needs to happen.

Jim Director of Engineering

Embrace Data

There is art and science to creating an effective learning platform students and teachers will love. At, we embrace data and are constantly testing new designs and product features to see how users interact. We combine creativity and behavioral data to make the best possible experience for our users.

Jen Director, Creative Service

Get Things Done

I have never worked any place where more gets done. In less than 3 years, we built a library of over 10,000 engaging video lessons and a platform to share it with millions of students worldwide. At our engineering off-site, we took a break to reflect on our achievements. Everyone I spoke with during the event was truly amazed at what we had accomplished. Sure, we discussed what needed to be improved, or what could have been done differently. But at the end of the day we had achieved greatness and never let perfect get in the way. It is this spirit of getting things done at that makes working here every day so enjoyable.

GlenDirector of Engineering & BI

Our Founders founder, Adrian 'Focus' Ridner
Adrian Ridner

Adrian leads our engineering, product, business intelligence and creative teams and pushes to embrace a culture of innovation. He is committed to advancing personalized & engaging learning at scale for students of varying needs. He was born in Argentina and spent a large part of his childhood in Venezuela and Brazil. As a result, Adrian loves soccer and is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese. As he attempts to master English he has coined several Adrianisms, including the office favorite "that is gravy on the cake". He earned an MS in Computer Science from Cal Poly University in San Luis Obispo and currently serves on the university's Engineering Advisory Board. founder, Ben Wilson
Ben Wilson

Ben leads our content development, partnerships and business operations teams and pushes to stay true to its mission of breaking down barriers to education. Ben is a Silicon Valley native and an entrepreneur at heart. He is passionate about disrupting the student debt crisis and using video technology to make learning a more efficient, fun and engaging experience. Outside of work, Ben loves fishing and is an avid Warriors basketball fan (especially now that they are no longer terrible). Ben holds a bachelor's degree in business administration from Cal Poly State University in San Luis Obispo, CA.

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Our hundreds of instructors have taught over 75,000 lessons and reach 30 million students a month. We've found the best instructors in the world to make learning exciting and easy. All of them are rockstars at teaching in a fun, simple and engaging way. Meet all of our instructors

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