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Study.com offers a PERT practice test to identify your areas of strength and weakness

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Your performance on practice tests can be a fairly accurate indicator of how you'll score on a placement test like the Postsecondary Education Readiness Test, or PERT. With Study.com's PERT study guide, you'll have access to dozens of practice quizzes and tests to help you prepare for this important pre-college evaluation. Gauging your areas of strength and weakness through our practice assessments can help you structure your studying more efficiently, ensuring you're spending your valuable time on the areas where you're most in need.

Florida colleges and universities use your PERT results to determine if you're academically ready for entry-level college courses in math and English. If your scores aren't high enough, you'll likely need to complete remedial work before starting your college classes. Our PERT test prep course covers key topics in math, reading and writing, aim to keep that from happening. You'll have ample opportunity to test your mastery of this material through lesson-based quizzes, chapter tests and a full-length PERT practice test. All of these assessments were designed with the content, style and format of the PERT in mind so you'll know exactly what to expect on test day.

Have we grabbed your attention yet? If so, take a free, 15-question PERT practice test today. We'll provide you with a diagnostic report that shows your competence with the material, as well as recommend a study path to address any academic needs. And this is just a preview of what you'll get with a full Study.com membership!

In addition to practice tests, Study.com members have access to dozens of engaging, bite-sized PERT video lessons. Designed by our team of subject-matter experts, these lessons pack a punch, giving you a comprehensive overview of topics likely to be covered on the PERT, often in less than eight minutes! As a bonus, you can study anytime, anywhere, just by logging in to our Study.com Mobile App on your smartphone or tablet.

Speaking of studying, we'll help you create a custom plan that's optimized to align with your schedule and academic needs. You'll get helpful email reminders to make sure you're sticking to your study plan, as well as 24/7 access to our subject-matter experts, who are available via email to answer your content questions. Study.com members also can learn about the logistics of the PERT, including where and how it's administered and how long you'll have to complete the test, through our suite of PERT information resources.

Get started on your PERT prep path today by taking our free, no-risk practice test. Then, sign up for a Study.com membership to get access to all our assessment resources. We're so confident that you'll be an ex-PERT with the material by test day that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee!

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