Praxis Elementary Education: Content Knowledge (5018)

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Number and Type of Questions 140 selected response and numeric entry questions
Time 150 min
Content Areas 1. Reading and Language Arts (35%)
2. Mathematics (29%)
3. Social Studies (18%)
4. Science (18%)
Cost $130

Frequently asked Questions

How hard is the Praxis Elementary Education: Content Knowledge (5018) Exam?

The 5018 Praxis is designed to be taken by people who desire to go into elementary education, and it reflects the skills and knowledge needed to be successful in the classroom. By creating an appropriate study routine and using online study materials, test-takers can feel more prepared to take the exam. Practice tests are readily available online.

How long is the Praxis Elementary Education: Content Knowledge (5018) exam?

The Praxis II Elementary Education (5018) exam will take 150 minutes to complete. This test contains 140 selected-response and numeric-entry questions.

What is a passing score for the Praxis Elementary Education: Content Knowledge (5018) exam?

Each state or institution that requires the 5018 Praxis sets different guidelines for what is considered a passing score. Typically, this ranges from a score of 157-163. The score report received after testing will show the passing requirements for each place test-takers selected to send their score reports to. The score report will show the test-taker's score, the range of possible scores, and the points available for each category.

Can I retake the Praxis Elementary Education: Content Knowledge (5018) exam?

Test-takers can take the 5018 Praxis 28 days after the initial test date if they do not pass it the first time. There is no limit on how many times testers can retake the exam.

How much does the Praxis Elementary Education: Content Knowledge (5018) exam cost?

The Praxis 5018 costs $130 each time it is taken. Test-takers can pay for the exam using a credit or debit card, or PayPal. If registering for the exam via phone, an additional $35 fee will be applied.

Can I use a calculator on the Praxis Elementary Education: Content Knowledge (5018) exam?

Because the 5018 Praxis is computer-generated, test-takers will have an on-screen scientific calculator to assist in answering some of the questions. Test-takers are expected to know how to use the calculator before testing. There are tutorials available online on how to use the calculator on the Praxis exam.

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