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Health Education Praxis Study Guide

The Praxis 5551 Health test is an exam designed for prospective teachers looking to teach health education for elementary school, junior high school, and high school. Their suitability will be tested using content largely derived from the preparation standards set by the American Association for Health Education. Candidates will have to apply their knowledge of health principles and health education critically to pass.

Candidates will have two hours to answer 120 multiple-choice questions concerning topics related to health like prevention of injury and disease, health promotion, and healthy relationships. These questions will also require candidates to be familiar with health education pedagogy, mental/emotional health, and community health as well as advocacy. Candidates should be aware that this test will follow the coordinated school health (CSH) model and not the WSCC model. The content categories these questions will concern can be found in the table included below, and detailed descriptions of each can be found in the rest of this health education praxis study guide.

Praxis Health Education 5551 Study Guide (5551)
Health Education as a Discipline16% (~20 questions)
Health Promotion and Prevention of Injury/Disease30% (~36 questions)
Healthy Relationships and Mental/Emotional Health30% (~36 questions)
Community Health and Advocacy12% (~14 questions)
Health Education Pedagogy 12% (~14 questions)
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Health Education as a Discipline

This content category covers a broad scope of topics relating to the practice of health education as well as the responsibilities associated with it. Candidates should know what makes for good research and where to locate it. Being familiar with what assets most schools have when it comes to addressing health concerns is also vital. Aspiring educators in the field must be comfortable talking with people in a variety of roles, and know what is expected of them both ethically and according to the law. Test-takers should also be aware of how people grow both physically and mentally, and be confident in their ability to communicate these trends to students.

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Health Promotion and Prevention of Injury/Disease

Wellness is another key component of health education. This content category focuses on the physical aspects of this: healthy habits, things to avoid, and diseases. Beyond being able to describe the body and its makeup, candidates should also know what types of decisions help foster a healthy self. What students put in their bodies is one aspect of this, but examinees should also study stress management, exercise, and substance abuse.

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Healthy Relationships and Mental/Emotional Health

This content category concerns itself with another major component of a healthy self: mental wellbeing. Here candidates will be tested on how students ought to deal with themselves and others in a variety of situations. Aspiring educators should know the factors supporting positive relationships, and the behaviors and thought patterns that students might adopt or avoid in their pursuit. Additionally, one needs to be able to communicate what abuse is, discuss various concerns revolving around sex and sexuality, and be familiar with emotional health issues.

Community Health and Advocacy

Broadening our scope, prospective health educators should be aware of the role the greater community plays in health issues and how individuals factor back into the community. Examinees should know what protections society affords students, as well as their obligations to society. Beyond the political and legal, candidates need to be able to educate students on topical health and environmental concepts. This can range from what to trust or steer clear of with regard to health products to how students can relate to the wider world and what they can do to stem pollution. Beyond teaching students everything they need to know, test-takers should be prepared on how one would go about teaching one to do their own research on these topics.

Health Education Pedagogy

This is the final category covered under the exam and further covers topics relating to constructing a proper class curriculum and the techniques candidates will need to instruct students. Examinees need a firm grounding in the relevant laws at each level of government as they apply to the discipline. Furthermore, health educators are obligated to use sound, data-driven evaluations to guide their classroom and course correct their instruction if need be. Test-takers will benefit from studying how to run a class as well.

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