Praxis Marketing Education (5561)

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Number and Type of Questions 120 selected response questions
Time 120 min
Content Areas 1. Marketing Education Programs (14%)
2. General Business Principals (14%)
3. Marketing-Information Management and Planning (14%)
4. Channel Management (10%)
5. Pricing (12%)
6. Product/Service Management (12%)
7. Promotion (14%)
8. Personal Selling (10%)
Cost $130

Frequently asked Questions

How hard is the Praxis Marketing Education exam?

The Marketing Praxis test covers eight different content categories. Candidates are required to understand each category in depth. A great way to succeed on this exam is to create a study plan and complete practice questions.

How long is the Praxis 5561 exam?

The Praxis Marketing Education exam has 120 selected-response questions. Test-takers will have two hours (120 minutes) to complete the exam.

What is a passing score for the Marketing Education Praxis test?

A passing score on the Praxis 5561 test varies by state. There is no set national passing score for this exam, though passing score requirements range from 144-169. Candidates should review their state's passing policy before taking the exam.

Can I retake the Praxis Marketing Education exam?

It is possible for examinees to retake the Marketing Praxis test. Examinees are required to wait 28 days from their previous exam date before attempting the exam again.

How much does the Praxis Marketing Education exam cost?

The fee for the Marketing Praxis test is $130. Payment can be made online during registration using a credit or debit card, money order, PayPal, or a check from a U.S. bank.

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