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Praxis Marketing Education Study Guide

Candidates should use this Praxis Marketing Education study guide when preparing to take the Marketing Education (5561) exam. The test covers the skills and knowledge one needs to teach marketing curricula to middle and high school students. The exam consists of 120 selected-response questions that candidates have two hours to complete. In order to succeed on the test, candidates should demonstrate a knowledge of marketing subject matter as it aligns with the National Marketing Education Standards, which includes the following concepts:

  • Interpersonal and communication skills
  • Entrepreneurship
  • General business practices and management
  • Developing programs
  • Economics
  • Managing marketing data
  • Finance
  • Distribution

Praxis Marketing Education Study Guide (5561)
Marketing Education Programs 14% (~17 questions)
General Business Principles14% (~17 questions)
Marketing-Information Management and Planning14% (~17 questions)
Channel Management10% (~12 questions)
Pricing12% (~14 questions)
Product/Service Management12% (~14 questions)
Promotion14% (~17 questions)
Personal Selling10% (~12 questions)
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Marketing Education Programs

When studying for the Praxis Marketing Education exam, test-takers should pay close attention to the skills and knowledge pertaining to the marketing education programs content category. This section covers a broad range of topics to ensure candidates know the function of marketing education at the middle and secondary school levels. This body of knowledge includes the development and assessment of marketing education programs, including program curriculum, career education, and the importance of student organizations in a marketing program.

Included in this content category are the basics of alternative education and professional development programs. The relevant skills this area of the exam assesses includes logistics and operational practices, legal concerns relative to such programs, building a career, and how to go about finding work. Successful candidates will be able to demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of all aspects and functions of a marketing education program.

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General Business Principles

To succeed in this content category, candidates need to be prepared to answer questions related to foundational aspects of business. The test will present examinees with questions relevant to the following areas of business:

  • Foundational financial and economic understandings
  • Laws surrounding business operations
  • Managerial and communicative best practices

The body of questions related to this content category will include granular topics such as how to manage a business's finances and resources, the effects of supply and demand, and the major global economic systems. Candidates should also study business law topics that pertain to owning a business and adhering to industry regulations. Finally, test-takers will face questions about managing several aspects of an organization, such as human resources, data, communications within the company, operating procedures, and business strategy.

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Marketing-Information Management and Planning

Candidates reviewing for the Marketing Praxis exam should pay close attention to the information management and planning content category in order to succeed on exam day. Test-takers should familiarize themselves with research and marketing skills, such as methods of gathering and analyzing marketing data.

This content category also measures knowledge of the tactics and attributes of market segmentation. The exam will cover strategies for organizational planning along with the various ways of assessing and forming marketing plans. To be successful in this content category, candidates should possess an understanding of a variety of strategies employed to obtain marketing data, the features of marketing segmentation, and the elements of a marketing plan.

Channel Management

The channel management content category tests examinees' knowledge of the foundational principles of marketing channels and their connection to marketing plans, the strategies for material inventory distribution, and the logistical strategies, especially as they relate to inventory. For example, candidates must be familiar with mathematical and purchasing processes required to manage an inventory.

Test-takers should also be prepared with the knowledge of different strategies for distributing material goods, distribution-centered strategies for inventory management, and the ways key factors such as production, consumption, purchasing, and distribution relate to one another within a business marketing channel.


At its core, the pricing content category of the Praxis 5561 exam covers the function of pricing and strategies for price-point positioning as it relates to marketing. Also included in this content category are questions related to pricing equations, such as:

  • Markups
  • Markdowns
  • Discounts

Successful exam candidates will understand the purpose and effects of positioning a product at a certain price range. Additionally, test-takers must be familiar with various strategies for determining the price of a product and the considerations that lead to such pricing.

Product/Service Management

The product and service management content category of the Praxis Marketing Education exam assesses individuals' knowledge of the product life cycle. Specific product management topics candidates should study include:

  • Developing a product and identifying key opportunities
  • Identifying and addressing quality concerns
  • Strategies relating to a company's product diversity
  • Properly positioning a product and establishing the company brand

For example, test-takers should prepare to answer questions related to the various strategies for managing a product and prolonging its life cycle. Additionally, candidates should have a conceptual knowledge of product development, such as opportunity exploration and testing. Finally, this content category of the exam measures candidates' knowledge of how brands and product-mix affect customer purchasing practices.


To successfully prepare for the promotion content category, candidates must be familiar with different kinds of marketing promotions and the specific purpose each type serves. The following kinds of promotion are covered on the exam:

  • Advertisement
  • Publicity
  • Sales events
  • Image management

For example, test-takers should be familiar with the different types of sales events and how they drive product promotion, the role that publicity plays in product promotions, and the function of advertising products. Candidates must also be familiar with up-to-date promotional trends, such as social media outreach. For each of these aspects of promotion, examinees will need to be able to differentiate what role they serve and under what conditions they can be optimally executed.

Personal Selling

The final content category of the Praxis 5561 exam, personal selling, measures knowledge of the sales cycle, including its role in marketing. Candidates must be familiar with all aspects of the sales process, including managing a sales force. As an example, test-takers should understand the role of various types of sales approaches, such as hard selling, need satisfaction, or formula selling, and when to utilize each approach. Exam questions in this content category will also cover emerging sales trends and methods.

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